• October 21, 2013
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    • We all complain about having problems. But what would it be like to wake up in the morning and have absolutely no problems to solve, nothing to worry about, no vexations? Having no problems can be a very serious problem and lead to the creation and yearning for any old dumb problem that will shake us from our slumber and generate some excitement.

      It seems to me that creating problems in a real human need. It seems we define ourselves by the dilemmas we attract and struggle to solve. Usually it's those who are most creative that ask the biggest and hardest questions and then put together resources to answer them.

      It is often said that there is no gain without pain, and nothing of value is gained without effort. While this is mostly true and anxiety can be a valuable spur for getting things done, putting ourselves under a lot of pressure to solve mediocre problems will not be useful and will not make us smarter. If we get too used to allow unimportant problems to fill us with nagging vexations,vexations, we won t gain much except for a headache.

      The other fact to consider is that when we are preoccupied with silly, boring or demeaning annoyances, we might miss out on asking the bigger questions and getting well into wilder, more interesting problems. These may be of the variety that pushes you out of your comfort zone toward your personal frontier well before life forces you to do so when you are least willing to deal with it.

      When we focus on the problems that matter, we feel excited about our ability to deal with them because, ultimately, they will open the door to a better existence rather than dragging us down into the same meandering tunnels of meaninglessness.

      So invite the genuine crisis in: it will be a time of destiny, a turning point, an opportunity to rethink what really matters to you, so you take action to bring about the changes necessary to create a better present for yourself.

      Stop distracting yourself with minor irritations and ask yourself the question you have been avoiding. Instead, bring it on, delve in deep and get it over with : there is no time better than now !


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