January 24

Beyond Influence Series Interview by Cloris Kylie

Here follows an interview I gave to Cloris Kylie from the Beyond Influence series. You can check this out in the the original post here

In the Beyond Influence series, you’ll meet entrepreneurs at different stages in their business and in varied industries and fields. You’ll be inspired by their passion and love for what they do, and by how they have overcome challenges.

Our featured entrepreneur is Elisa Di Napoli, who shares her insights on how to beat performance anxiety to shine on stage and share your gifts with the world.

About Elisa Di Napoli

Elisa Di Napoli is the best-selling author of the book, online course, and podcast Dare to Be Seen which helps artists command the stage, magnify their presence, and defeat stage nerves so they can share their gifts with their audience and shine their light on the world.

She is an artist coach, hypnotherapist, and multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter. She also helps artists who need to find a way forward, get their project going, or figure out how to turn their creative, artistic, or performance skills into a new venture.

Under the moniker is Elyssa Vulpes she has produced 12 albums, with a focus on inner transformation through sometimes dark and atmospheric sometimes comedic storytelling.

She has been featured on radio, podcasts, blogs, and online magazines.

Get her complete bonus package Dare to Be Seen https://elisadinapoli.com/freebies/, including:

  • Six Fundamental Mind Hacks for Performance Success
  • The Essential Vocal Warm up to Perform with Authentic Confidence
  • The Limiting Beliefs Buster to unleash your Inner Superstar

Check out Dare to be Seen – The Book

Learn more about Dare to be Seen – Premium Online Course


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