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Elisa Di Napoli

Sessions take place online and in person.

94a Upland Rd, Kelburn, , 6012, Wellington, New Zealand

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Book Your Free Discovery Call 

A 30 minute call on Zoom to find out whether we are a good fit

If your are serious about changing but have questions about hypnotherapy, coaching or NLP or you simply want to get a feel for who I am then a Discovery Call will be a time for you find out whether we are a good fit. Your time is valuable and I want you to feel at ease you are making the right choice in choosing my services.

Opening Hours

  • UK and EU: Monday to Thursday Online Sessions 8pm - 10pm
  • US ET: Monday to Thursday Online Sessions 3pm -8pm  
  • US PST: Monday to Thursday Online Sessions 12pm - 5pm 
  • NZ: Monday to Friday In Person Sessions 8am - 12pm  

Clinic: Wellington, New Zealand

Other Services


Get help in the form of HypnotherapyCoaching, Laser Coaching, NLP,  EFT, EMDR and a vast array of other techniques tailored to you.


With 20 years experience in the field of personal development combined with the ability to transform your mindset, experience the kind of courses that will take you to the next level. Check out my courses here


I have been interviewed by several podcasters and radio hosts. If you would like to interview me about anything in the health and wellbeing field please get in touch.


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