The Big Picture

When you set clear goals you are setting yourself up for success. Take 5 minutes out of your time right now and answer these questions. The more you put into this exercise the more you will get out of it. Share your results with others to find mutual support through your journey of transformation. 

  • What is your short term goal? What is the immediate benefit you want to get out of this course this week? 
  • What is your mid-term goal? How do you want to feel in 5 weeks, when you are halfway through this course?  What will you be able to do that you cannot do now?
  • Where do you want to be in 10 weeks? What is the ultimate dream you want to manifest when you feel fully comfortable being seen and heard under the spotlight?

Complete Your Action Steps

  • Watch the video
  • Read the lesson
  • Complete Challenge 1


(Premium Members Only)

Share your goals with other students on the MTS FB Group Community

and be held accountable! 

(Post on Unit 1)

of the way


If you are a Premium Member, Join the FB Group Master the Stage where you will be able to access weekly live group coaching calls. The calls take place on google meet every

.Thursdays 8am NZT time

Wednesdays 4pm ET / 9pm UK / 1 pm PST

Please be aware of daylight savings times throughout the year, and make sure to double check the times in your own timezone using something like this timezoneconverter site

  • For More Information about this session Buy the Book Dare to Be Seen
  • If you have bought this course you are eligible to receive the e-book for free.  To do so scroll to the end of the Session 2 where you will find the link to the free pdf.
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