"Dare to Be Seen Online Course"

Command the Stage 

Magnify Your Presence

 in Ten Easy Steps

Based on my book "Dare to Be Seen" my signature course is all about overcoming performance nerves and owning the stage with authentic confidence. 

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What's Inside the Course?

Session 2 : Connecting to Heart Wisdom

Session 3: Coping with Excessive Anxiety

A Better Future

Session 4 – Letting Go of the Past

Session 5: Letting go of what ifs

Session 6: Letting go of Worry

Session 7: Being Present

Lasting Success

Session 8: Stopping your Negative Thoughts

Session 9: From Self Consciousness to Flow

Session 10: Increasing Confidence

What’s Next?


Bonus Sessions


Bonus Audio Session 1: Dealing with Trauma

Bonus Audio Session 2: Letting Go of Fear of Rejection

The Pre-Performance Ritual & The One- Breath One-Thought Technique

Questions? contact me!

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Command the Stage 


3 Secrets to Stop Stage Fright and Perform with Authentic Confidence even if you are Not an Extrovert

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