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Elisa Di Napoli


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From Stage Fright to Stage Presence

Ten Easy Steps to Turn your Performance Anxiety into 

Authentic Power with Transformational Hypnotherapy

“ Sing your song and shine your light on the world. Be the kind of person others get inspired by ”


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  • Turn your Performance Anxiety into Authentic Power in Ten Easy Steps: Use Transformational Hypnotherapy to overcome your fear and boost your confidence 
  • Make Stage Presence a Reality: Quiet the negative voices in your head that prevent you from standing out. Share your message in a larger way

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"Reviewed By Kathryn Bennett for Readers' Favorite

Dare to Be Seen: From Stage Fright to Stage Presence by Elisa Di Napoli asks everyone a simple question - do you have a message for the world but are being held back by fear? Do you have a talent waiting to get out, but find yourself crippled by anxiety and being unable to perform because of it? This book is able to help you work through those issues and get to where you wish to be in life. The author is a former sufferer from nerves, anxiety, and fear so she brings a unique perspective to the self-help arena. Using exercises and hypnotherapy together with clinical knowledge and methods, this book sets out to help you succeed at whatever you want in life.

I used to tread the boards and perform often in public, but at some point, anxiety kicked in and crippled me. I have no longer been able to do things I love such as being in plays and entertaining people and speaking about important causes. I have tried several things in the past to work through it, but to this point, nothing has worked. When I saw this book, I said it was time to try something else. I am so glad that I did. Author Elisa Di Napoli has a great way of writing and making things easy to understand and follow. Most books are written by those who have studied the issues of fear and stage fright but haven’t had it themselves.

For me, the biggest help in this book so far has been the six fundamental mind hacks for achieving lasting performance success. While after reading I haven’t had the chance to put everything to use, I am getting into the process of changing my mindset. I know it won’t be easy, but I feel this book has helped and will keep helping. I will return to it and be able to claim a part of my life back that I miss. I encourage anyone else who has always wanted to speak in public and hasn’t been able to do so to read this book. It will help."

Dare To Be Seen: From Stage Fright to Stage Presence

In this book you will learn how to:

Be at the Top of Your Game

Leave your fear of failure and rejection behind. Become resilient, unshakeable and present.

Give a Flawless Performance

No more stuttering, stammering or feeling self conscious. Bounce back from mistakes.  Get into flow.  

Become Bulletproof

Get rid of mental blocks.  Let go of worry. Say goodbye to panic attacks. Perform well under pressure. 

Get Your Dream Career

Get that audition. Land that job. Nail that presentation. Beat your nerves and gain true confidence.

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