“Shine Your Light on the World. Dare to Be Seen.”

Elisa Di Napoli

Elisa Di Napoli is an author, a Holistic Clinical HypnotherapistNLP Practitioner and Transformational Mindset Coach, her practice expanding across New Zealand and Scotland since 2001.

Her work places a great deal of importance on positive mental health, Neurolinguistic Psychology, and Holistic Coaching. She studied hypnotherapy at the prestigious Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Northern California, training with world-renowned teachers Randal Churchill and Ormond McGill. 

Books by Elisa Di Napoli

Dare to Be Seen

Full length e-book & Paperback

From Stage Fright to Stage Presence: ten easy steps to turn your Performance Anxiety into Authentic Power with Transformational Hypnotherapy.

Dare to be seen journal

The Dare to Be Seen Journal 

Full length paperback & Hardback

A Companion Workbook to Dare to Be Seen: Become a confident performer faster, without getting overwhelmed, confused, or lost along the way!

how to stop a panic attack

No More Panic

Short e-book

PANIC ATTACKS: Four Ways of Preventing or Defusing them. 

What's included / What you will discover: 

  • what panic attacks are
  • why you are having panic attacks
  • what are the effects of hyperventilation?
  • what fuels panic
  • 4 effective ways of defusing them

gratitude journal

The Transformative Gratitude Journal

Short e-workbook

Make Peace with the Past, Find Contentment in the Present and Create the Future you Desire.

What’s Included / What you will discover:

  • How to make peace with the past even when you have suffered considerable trauma
  • How to transform your present and become resilient even when circumstances are not ideal
  • How to create a future that is in line with your desires
  • practical exercises for you to complete
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