“Shine Your Light on the World. Dare to Be Seen.”

Elisa Di Napoli

Elisa Di Napoli is an Author, a Holistic Clinical HypnotherapistNLP Practitioner and Transformational Mindset Coach, her practice expanding across New Zealand and Scotland since 2001.

Her work places a great deal of importance on positive mental health, Neurolinguistic Psychology, and Holistic Coaching. She studied hypnotherapy at the prestigious Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Northern California, training with world-renowned teachers Randal Churchill and Ormond McGill. Find out about her Transformational Coaching Manifesto

Books by Elisa Di Napoli

Dare to Be Seen

Full length e-book

From Stage Fright to Stage Presence: ten easy steps to turn your Performance Anxiety into Authentic Power with Transformational Hypnotherapy.

  • Do you have a message for the world but are crippled by anxiety?
  • Is fear of speaking in public holding you back from what you want out of life?
  • Do you want to be recognised for your talent but the thought of performing is paralysing?

What's included / What you will discover:

  • The Six Fundamental Mind Hacks for Achieving Lasting Performance Success
  • The Wise Heart Approach to Transform Stage Fear into Stage Presence
  • The LAMA Method for Creating a New Confident You
  • The Highly Successful Performer Mindset that will allow you to Master any Performance situation
  • 2 Bonus Sessions on overcoming fear of rejection and dealing with trauma safely.

how to stop a panic attack

No More Panic

Short e-book

PANIC ATTACKS: 4 Ways of Preventing or Defusing them. 

  • Do you avoid specific situations, places or activities just because you are scared you may have a panic attack?
  • Have not gone for a promotion or turned down a dream job, course or date because it felt too challenging?
  • Do you worry about having uncontrollable panic attacks and embarrassing yourself because of them?

What's included / What you will discover:

  • what panic attacks are
  • why you are having panic attacks
  • what are the effects of hyperventilation
  • what fuels panic
  • 4 effective ways of defusing them

gratitude journal

The Transformative Gratitude Journal

Short e-workbook

Make Peace with the Past, Find Contentment in the Present and Create the Future you Desire.

This Guided Journal will help put to practical use the power of Gratitude with highly specific and effective exercises

  • How to use the power of Gratitude in specific effective ways

What’s Included / What you will discover:

  • How to make peace with the past even when you have suffered considerable trauma
  • How to transform your present and become resilient even when circumstances are not ideal
  • How to create a future that is in line with your desires
  • practical exercises for you to complete

Watch Book Trailer

Audiobook, E-Book and Paperback

audiobook dare to be seen

Command the Stage 


3 Secrets to Stop Stage Fright and Perform with Authentic Confidence even if you are Not an Extrovert

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