• May 20, 2020
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    • Mindset in Business: The Golden Rules of Success


      Have a Vision or a Goal


      Follow Your Passion


      Strive to achieve your goals


      Want to Make a Difference


      Give Something Back


      Maintain Focus


      Put the hours in 


      Be Authentic.  (Don't pretend you are something you're not)

      The Entrepreneurial Mindset

      What are the habits of successful people?

      Being a hypnotherapist, I work with people's mindset all the time, changing habits, changing beliefs

      I've been busy interviewing and reading about the most successful entrepreneurs. The politicians, business leaders, sports people and personalities. What is it that's made them successful?

      How is it they think? What is their mindset? Because we can learn so much from other people's mindset. What is it they do that makes them successful? I want to share some of those things with you. 

      One gentleman I interviewed, who is the head of a city council, only gets notified of what is really important. His mobile phone, which we all tend to be responding to all the time, has no Wi-Fi at all. While we are being dictated to by messages, Facebook feeds, emails in a constant churn of stuff, his mobile phone will only take telephone calls and texts. He's not got the fancy iPhone and It won't take any emails or any social media feeds.

      A lot of the time, all of this stuff just distracts and prevents us getting on with what we really need to do, the things that are going to make the difference to our tomorrow. 

      Distraction & Focus

      glasses focused on sunset

      Perhaps even initially, if you really want to get things done and focus on the things that you want to achieve, how are you going to escape from those things that constantly drop on your phone? 

      As soon as you answer your email, and as soon as you check out your Facebook feed, you are immediately working on somebody else's agenda.

      That is taking huge amounts of your time, and probably adding to a feeling of overwhelm. It feels like we're meeting other people's needs all the time, and those needs become overwhelming. There's too many of them, and at the same time can be extremely frustrating, because we're not getting the things done that we want to get done.

      Most successful people on the other hand spend more time working on activities that lead to results. This is the 80/20 rule: spending 80% of the time doing the 20% that will yield results. 

      The reality is we've all only got the same number of hours, the same number of minutes in a day, and in this statement, simple and obvious as it may seem, reveals that often we are not spending those hours engaging in activities that are productive in the long time. 

      The 80/20 Rule

      80/20 rule

      The 80/20 rule is not generally something that drives most people's behaviours, and a lot of us fall into bad habits.

      We do things because we should. We do things because we always have. Or because it's the way others do it. Or we were told to. Or it's what people expect us to do.

      We'd feel bad if we didn't answer somebody, or be supportive of somebody. We tend to do things that aren't really helping us achieve our goals.

      In order to move forward we need to know what to focus on: the things that are going to be fulfilling to us and that are going to want to make us get out of bed the next day and start another day.

      It's really going back to those basics of thinking about, what are your goals and dreams? What is it that you want to achieve? What's your life going to look like if you achieve those things?

      I'm not just talking here on a business point of view, because our business should be about creating the lifestyle that we want. That's really why we go into business. That's why we set up on our own, because we want to achieve something. We don't want to be dictated necessarily by other people's rules.

      It's asking yourself: where do you want to be, say, in 5 years' time? What would you have liked your business to have produced that's going to enable you to do the things that you want to do or live the life that you want to live?

      It could be in 5 years' time you'd like to be taking more holidays. It might be that you want to invest into property. It could be a whole host of things, and what's right for one person isn't necessarily right for another. We are all very different and very unique. What our dreams are are different to what other people's dreams are. These are exercises that I'm going to ask you to do in between the session, and as soon as possible really, because as soon as you can have an idea of what that goal, that dream may look like, then your business is about putting the plans into place to achieve that.

      Setting Goals & Connecting to Your Vision

      • So where do you want to be in 5 years' time?
      • What would you like to achieve in the next 12 months?
      • What would you like to achieve in the next month? 
      goal setting graphic

      Relate those goals not just to business, but also to personal things as well. How would that goal impact your personal life? Do you still want it?

      Make these goals smart, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time bound.

       How many more sales would you like to see into your business? How many more clients would you like into your business?

      What did you do last month, and what could you do the next month if you focused on the stuff that really needs to get done?

      Create a Vision Board

      First of all I'd like you to create something called a vision board. A vision board, for those of you who haven't heard of them, is a visual picture of what you would like your life to look like.

      I did a vision board a year ago now, and on it was a house that I'd like to live in, and holidays that I'd like to go on, and what I'd like to achieve in the business. When I look back at that vision board now, all those things happened, and it's not about setting unrealistic expectations or setting ourselves up for failure or disappointment, but becoming clear on that goal. 

      To build a house you need to dream of it first in your imagination. Then comes the plan. If we have a visual image, something like a vision board that is within our field of vision everyday, - you may want to put it upon your office wall, or you might even hold it as a screensaver on your computer.-  we start to look subconsciously for opportunities to make it a reality.

      vision board

      Create that vision board. What do you want your life to look like? Create that visual image. Cut some pictures out of magazines. It could be certain words that you would use to describe that lifestyle that you want to create. You could put the words up there. But start having that visual image of what you want your life to look like.

      Once you have done your visual board it will be time to think of all the activities you need to be doing every day that are going to make a difference to your business. If you are in sales, it could be that you need to connect with more people, you need to pick up the phone more. It could be that there's more networking that you need to you. Only you really know the activities that need to happen that are going to increase your bottom line in your business.

      28 day Successful Business Mindset Programme

      So today we just started on point n1:  goals. There’s a lot more about this, because of course not only you need to have your vision and set your goals but you also have to deal with the obstacles, what stands in the way of you actually achieving those goals, and dealing with that so that you plan your daily activities to fit in with the bigger goal and make them driven by results.

      If you are interested in learning more, join my program and improve your life whilst improving others! 

      This 28 day challenge is about adopting the business mindset of successful people because it is your mindset determines whether or not you will succeed. 

      Who is this challenge for?

      • Business Owners wishing to create more.
      • Business Owners wishing to maintain their focus
      • Business Owners looking for measured results.
      • Business Owners looking to achieve their personal and business goals.

      The people who will do the best are without doubt the people who take action and put into place some of the things that we discuss and that I suggest. It is going to be a program that's very much about you taking action.

      In these 4 Weekly Sessions you will gain:

      two business men
      • Develop the right mindset and the tools that drive you to success
      • Find clarity on what is essential and what needs to be done 
      • Gain the ability to focus on what's good for your business as well as your overall health
      • Think big and act accordingly

      Where and when

      All four sessions will take place Online. Each session will last up to 2 hours, and will be recorded so you can listen again, or at a time that is more convenient to you.

      It is going to run as soon as I have 5 or more dedicated entrepreneurs joining the program in the next couple of weeks but places are limited to 10.


      The cost of taking part is just £395.00. 

      How to book your place: 

      If you would like to take part please book your place now by emailing me or by calling 020 40 48 48 28.  Places are limited.

      I very much look forward to seeing you there



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