October 18

Dare to Create Week 1: Find Clarity Focus


The Master Project List

Stuck or overwhelmed? Too many projects going on at once? Can't decide what to do first? The Master Project list exercise will help you decide which projects will be your top priorities and which to park.

This is a recording of a live workshop. Dare Workshops for creatives take place every Sunday at 7pm (UK) 2pm (EST) and 11am (Pacific) in my private facebook group www.daretobeseencommunity.com

Here follows a summary of the workshop: 

passion project bucket

If Stuck, blocked or overwhelmed:


List all your projects

We are going to look at personal/passion and income-generating projects (two buckets)


Start with the Passion Project Bucket

Put the passion projects in the passion project bucket. Leave the other ones for now.


Rate the Passion Projects by Excitement

Rate projects by excitement and complexity level : go through the list and give them a rating from 1 to 5.

(1= super exciting 2=exciting 3= so so 4= not so exciting 5=not exciting at all)


Rate the Passion Projects by Complexity

Use stars to rate easiness versus complexity and rate from 1 to 5

 (1= super quick or easy  2= quick or easy 3= medium 4= complex or difficult and 5= very complex or very difficult)

Working with the Passion Project Bucket

project management for artists

Assign the projects to the quadrants as described below. 

master list passion project

Rate the projects by giving them a letter (A, B, C, or D)

"A" Projects

If a project is rated "A" it's super fun or exciting and also easy or quick to do. So go for it! Do it now and give yourself a boost!

"B" Projects

If a project is rated "B" it is fun or exciting but it is longer term as it may be complex or costly.  By all means pursue it but it may be wise to schedule it in steps. 

"C" Projects

If a project is rated "C" it is quick or easy but it feels less fun or exciting. Ask yourself: "Why do I want to do this? What is the value for me?"

"D" Projects

If a project is rated "D" it is a bad idea. Don't spend your time doing something you don't love. If they have gone stale, they have already served you by showing your interest lies elsewhere. Cross it off!

Select your winners!

Select your top priorities projects. (Rated A, B, C) If you like working on many things at once, select up to 5 projects. If you don't limit to 3 max. Ideally, the fewer projects you focus on the better.

Working with your Income Generating Bucket


A project is urgent when it requires immediate attention. Maybe it's a deadline. In other words, it's shouting:: do it now! Urgent tasks put us in a reactive mode, marked by defensive negative hurried narrow focus mindset.


A project is important when it contributes to our long-term mission, values and goals. Sometimes important tasks are also urgent, but typically they are not. When we focus on important activities, we operate in a responsive mode which helps us remain calm, rational and open to opportunities.



Consider your Income-Generating Projects

Go back to your original list and take out the remaining projects. 


Rate them by importance

Rate each  project in terms of importance from 1 to 5

( 1= super important, 5= non important)


Rate them by urgency 

Use exclamation marks to mark urgency

 (!= not urgent, !!!!!= very urgent)


Create a Table

Divide your paper in two four quadrants. Name them: "Urgent" "less urgent", "important", "less important".

Assign the projects to a quadrant 

income generating projects
diagram for prioritizing projects

Rate the projects by giving them a letter (A, B, C, or D)

"A" Projects

If a project is rated "A" (upper left quadrant) do it now. Put this project on top of you list and aim to reduce these kinds of projects long term.

"B" Projects

If a project is rated "B" schedule it. It is important but less urgent, so do it as soon as tasks rated "A" are done. 

"C" Projects

If a project is rated "C" try to delegate it as much as possible.

"D" Projects

If a project is rated "D" cross it over and eliminate it. It no longer serves you. 

Now have two MASTER PROJECT LISTS. Do the "A"s first. Then "B"s. Consider what to do with the "C"s and eliminate the "D"s. 

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