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Transcript of Workshop.

Hello, this is Elisa dinapoli, aka Elyssa Vulpes, and welcome to the dare tocreate number seven from the dare to be seen that's me and a bunch of other people that are interested to create and be their best selves when it comes down to art when it comes down to music, when it comes down to writing, whatever it is that you're interested in, so today, Welcome to everybody on Instagram and on Facebook, if you are on Instagram, you can actually go on to their to be seen on Facebook, if you want to share your experience today and get notified of future broadcasts. So having said that, what we're doing today is basically we want to get inspired, and we want to breathe life into our work, we want to access our subconscious inspiration, we want to open up to new possibilities. And what has led me to decide to do this workshop today, which will should be about half an hour is that recently, I've been struggling with my creative output. And I have been finding it difficult sometimes to really get into the zone and feel motivated to create even though once I am actually doing something I feel okay, but you know, it's been kind of stops and starts. And I've actually been doing a course that has been helping me to get inspired again. And one of the assignments was to fill my life with things that inspire me to become a bit like a sponge, if you like or maybe a rain cloud, impregnating myself with the water of inspiration. And how to do this was for me to give myself permission to actually spend time and show myself that I value. spending time doing things that inspire me. So for example, listening to music, new music, or reading books that are inspiring to me, or actively watching movies or pictures that are that speak to me, and then taking notes about it. Now, this is not what I'm suggesting. You do. I mean, by all means, if you want, that's a great technique. But I'm telling you this because for me, this was not didn't come natural, I kind of felt guilty. Doing this almost as if it was a luxury, you know, and I have to give myself permission to allow myself the space to actually slow down and, and actively pursue things that make me feel inspired, and then documenting it writing it down. So that later when I start creating, I can relate back to these experiences. Now this is may seem like a simple thing to do. And it is but when you are stuck in a rut or when you are feeling uninspired, it may seem impossible to think in this way. Now, for those of you who don't know me, I am a singer songwriter, drummer podcaster also a artist and creativity coach and hypnotherapist I've also written a book about performance anxiety, but what I I am really interested in right now as in helping other creatives, get their projects going, get their projects into the world, so that they can feel inspired and then share these gifts with everyone else. Shine their light and their own unique way with everyone else because when we do this, we become as a community more rich. So if you're feeling a bit stuck a bit stale, your perhaps your creative time or space may lack some rhythm or you may feel that you're gone and you have gone into a groove but now it's transformed to some kind of rut. Well the aim of the exercise we're going to do in a moment is to reignite your enthusiasm And you know, sometimes the smallest shift can allow the light back in. So this exercise will enable you to, to visualise hidden resources that you may not be aware of. So what we're going to do is we're going to do a short meditation together a guided visualisation together, and then I'm going to invite you to write down your experience, I'll ask you some questions that will get you going in the light of the experience you've had. And then I'll ask you to commit to an action that will help you to actually make this happen. And we'll then share what we've done together. So let us begin with the meditation. If you've got any questions, by the way, do let me know in the in the comments, I think I can see this comments right now. This always happens to me when I do a live stream and just suddenly can't see anything. Okay, well, let's get started. Anyway, so what we want to do is sit with a straight back, right on both feet on the floor. And what I'd like you to do is to have your hands separated your legs, no crossing, and shut your eyes or you can look down just with your gaze relaxed and unfocused. And let's begin by connecting your feet to the ground beneath you, acknowledging that your resources come from the planet and that you are aiming to bring your ideas down to earth. So bring your attention to where your feet touch the ground contact, connect to the ground and sensing the alive ness of this earth beneath you, holding the awareness that it has already provided. Everything that has enabled you to survive if you can develop a sense of having a warm relationship with the ground, those feet touching the ground. Gently notice how you are breathing the Earth's atmosphere and take time to slowly exhale. Again, breathing in deep cleansing breaths and breathing out, letting go of everything else and does not belong to this moment. I need to do lists any tension just let it go as you breathe out of your fingertips of your toes. Let's do these a couple more times until you feel grounded and relaxed. deepening the breath allowing the exhale to become longer. When you're ready I invite you to visualise Go into a place where you can create. Maybe it's your existing studio. Maybe it's an imaginary space. And see that as clearly as you can in your mind's eye. Imagine what your eyes would see. Imagine what do you use with a year and what you would feel perhaps there's a certain kind of smell or sound that you recognise or feels familiar. And as you enter this space now, you'll find right in the middle of it, in front of you. A surprise perhaps it's in a, an envelope, perhaps in a parcel. Or maybe the space itself has transformed this is your present from the Muse exactly what your Muse once and what your creative heart's desires. Allow yourself to explore this gift now. And the feeling around take your time to really enjoy whatever you find. And then when you're ready, allow yourself time to return slowly to the here and now. Holding a sense of relaxation, and the memories of this visualisation. When you really open your eyes and write down what you've experienced what your gift was. I'll give you a few moments to do this. Okay, and so now that you've got this written down your experience, I want to ask you a question. What resources are needed in order to put your inspiration this gift into action now? So for example, is a new skills? Is it adapting old skills? Is it formal learning? Or is it time space materials money? reorganising your resources, your material your workspace? Is it that you need to make some choices? About what to let go to make space for the new? Is there even a major change involved in a longer term plan? Or is it a series of smaller changes? So, what I invite you to do is to ask yourself a question, first of all, what would you what resources you need? And what would you do? First of all, if the resources were limitless, because first we want to be free, and explore, and then we can consider the altar the realistic possibilities, the realistic alternatives, on scaling down the plan to make it possible. But first of all, write down what resources you are needed right now in order to put this inspiration, this gift into action. And I would love for you to actually share this with me in the comments. So that we can perhaps work on it together. If you have a question, you're not sure. Make sure you leave a comment. Otherwise, just write it down. Write down what are these resources that you need? And perhaps begin to once you've done that, consider if you need to change anything any and what are the realistic alternatives, what we really want is to think about, think about the action that you need to take, right? You need to take an action. It could be for example, a day to set a date to begin researching costs or possibilities. Or maybe it's something as simple as simply setting up a day to reorganise a corner of your studio. But the important thing is to put to put the date in the diary. So that you are actually committing to putting into action, what you have found is necessary to make use of this gift. And, and making sure that these these action is the day today that you have chosen for this action is in a happy spot between over pressurising yourself, like I've got to do it now. It's got to be done immediately. And also procrastination. The yeah one day maybe next week, you know, we don't want that we want to be really precise. So can you decide right now? Well, the next step is just the next step. And write that down in your diary. And I'd love for you to actually share with this next step is because you know, when you can share with other people where you are on a journey, it becomes easier to actually do it you it's almost like you're being held accountable by the fact that you have shared it so it's no longer just in your head. It's now out into the world right And I would love for you to actually share this in the dare to be seen community, your calm and actually allow everybody to become involved to maybe help or share with you Whoa, they've decided, you know, when when we start doing these things together, it is a lot easier than when you're on your own. It's easier when you're on your own to just procrastinate just, yeah, yeah, I'll do it some other day and then never getting anything done. And, you know, perhaps I could give you one last example of, you know, one of my clients and what they did with this exercise to just give you an idea. So I had a client who was a designer, but she was quite overwhelmed. She was a studio was extremely cluttered, you know, always busy with Commission's, she had not enough time or less time than she wanted to declutter the studio, or to even generate new ideas for that matter. And she'd been working on clearing these unwanted clutter for quite some time, 10 minutes a day. And these in this exercise, she so a glass table, in a nice clean space. And in the middle, in the middle of the studio, where she could make something called monotypes. And acting on this was pretty straightforward, right? So she began to focus on her daily decluttering sessions in this area. And and created a space where she's now making the monotypes, you know, while she's generating a new stream of ideas at the same time, so this is just an example. Yours might be something completely different. And it doesn't matter what it is, but just trust that whatever. It's common to your visualisation, as come from your subconscious, so it's a deeper part of you. So don't doubt it, go for it. And if you wonder their hand, you're a person that struggles with perhaps this or just in general getting your creative projects out of your head and into the world. Maybe you get sidetracked easily, you don't know what to prioritise, you don't know where to start, you feel you need a little bit of guidance. Well, if that's you, then I invite you to apply for a free Kickstarter project session. And the link to that is just here as the hypnotic Kindle Koto, UK, slash coaching for creatives, and only have a few of these every month. So if that's you, feel free to book, one of these sessions are free, and there's no pressure to buy anything. It's more just to, to see whether I can help you to get your project going. All right. So that's all for me for today. Please do share your experience that big fantastic if you're on Instagram, Marco, you're welcome to share on Instagram as well or to come to their to be seen community or come on Facebook, and to share with us what you found useful. Otherwise, see you all next week, next Sunday at 7pm Uk 11am PST, 2pm PST and the weekly. The you know the time when I basically announced what I'm going to do is a Monday. So on Monday on the dare to be seen community you'll find basically a link telling you when the next one is going to be and also on Instagram, I usually post on a Monday as well. All right, all for now. Thank you for being here. Until next week. Have a good week.

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About the Author

Elisa Di Napoli is a Mindset Coach with 25 years of experience in holistic life coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, performance, and creativity based in Wellington. She is the author of the "Dare to Be Seen" series and practices as a musical artist. She specializes in helping creatives bring their projects to life, command the stage and magnify their presence so they can share their gifts with a larger audience. She also has vast experience in treating anxiety, helping with confidence, sleep problems and most psychosomatic disorders. She gives talks on wellbeing featuring various topics such as overwhelm, procrastination, goal setting, dealing with uncertainty and change and more.
She has been featured on radio and podcasts, and her articles have been published on blogs and online magazines. Elisa's background in comparative religion, music, and acting allows her to offer creative strategies for her clients, while her motto “dare to be seen” urges them to shine their light on the world.

Elisa Di Napoli

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