October 26

Dare to Create week 2 Connect to your Higher Purpose


Create your Life Vision Meditation (excerpt)

I'd love for you to have your feet nice and flat on the ground if possible. Just start to take some nice deep breaths. If you're happy to close your eyes, please do that. If you're happy to have your palms up or resting on your thighs, that's great. If it's not comfortable, just leave them where they are. That's tight.

Begin to take some nice deep breaths in, through your nose, releasing out through your mouth, your nose, filling your belly, expanding out through your mouth. Feel your belly contracting as you exhale. 

Keep breathing in and out. And I want you to bring your awareness to the top of your head. I want you to imagine there is a beautiful golden waterfall that is just at the top of your head. And as you breathe, you're pulling in that beautiful golden energy through the top of your head, down over your face. Then let the energy move down through the back of your head and across your throat.

Keep going, let it fall down the back of your neck, a golden energy flowing down over your shoulders and feel them relax, as the energy flows down through your arms, feel them drop down, relax and allow your shoulders to go limp.  Keep breathing, pull the energy down, that golden energy down through your chest and your heart space, your rib cage. See it flowing down your back to your belly, into your abdomen, the lower back into your hips. And as you keep breathing, pull that energy down through your thighs, your shins and your ankles, your feet.

And then see that energy pouring out down through the base of your feet, into the earth. Can you imagine it as roots or cables, whatever visual works. And as you keep breathing, just send those golden roots all the way down through the earth, through the center of there, through all the rock and soil, to the very heart of mother earth, the very core of the planet. You're connected all the way down through those golden roots to the very center of the earth, where you can imagine there is a pool of energy. This energy is full of mother love, nurturing, centering, grounding, holding, supporting.

Feel that you're connected to all of that energy. All of those feelings are absorbed, whichever ones you feel you might need most today. Know that through this connection, you are stable and grounded. Now, when you're ready, we're going to bring that energy back up through your roots.

So imagine it as a pink or a Ruby red energy, whatever feels the best to you. Imagine as you keep breathing, you're breathing that energy up through your roots, coming from the very center of the earth, all the way up through your roots, through the soil, to tickle the base of your feet. And as you keep breathing, you're pulling that energy into your body, into your feet. So you can imagine that pink or ruby red energy coming in through your feet, up your calves and your shins, your knees, your thighs, your hips, your lower belly.

Feel it swelling around your back and supporting you. Feel the support of that energy and keep drawing it up through your belly and your diaphragm, your heart space, and then all the way up your upper chest, then flowing down your arms from your shoulders to your fingers and all the way up through your throat and the back of your neck, your face, the back of your head...

Imagine that energy gently pours out the top of your head, falling like a fountain all around you. Beautiful pink and red energies pouring like a fountain out at the top of your head and forming a beautiful sphere around you and encasing you in this grounding, solid, supportive energy.

Just keep breathing that in. Now feel that beautiful swirl of that golden energy that we brought in from the top and the pink and Ruby energy we brought in from the ground, the earth, and know that this energy is within you and around you and supporting you and protecting you. Let's just take another couple of deep breaths, and then we're going to bring our attention to your heart space.

Just notice if there is any other tension in your body. Just send it some of that gold and pink energy and just take another nice deep breath. Now, when you're ready to bring your attention to your heart space, just notice whatever there is to notice there today, whatever feelings or sensations that you have are very welcome. And if you don't have any at all, that is perfectly okay too.

With your awareness of your heart space. I want you to imagine that there is a door. A door going into your heart chakra into your heart center. When you're ready, I want you to open that door and imagine yourself stepping through the door.

On the other side of that door is a platform that at the end of the platform is a stairwell. So there's a set of stairs, a spiral staircase that goes down one level. So when you're ready, head over to the stairs, walk down the spiral staircase. When you reach the next landing, you'll see a door, another door. And when you're ready, I want you to walk through open and walk through that door.

On the other side of this door is the garden of your heart. It is a place of beauty, a place of calm, serenity, inspiration. I want you to look around and see what is in this place for you. What are the plants or the trees?  Is there a pond or a swing, other animals? What is here for you really just take a moment to look around, look at the beauty, really absorb this place that is yours and yours alone.

When you're ready, just take a little stroll. And as you walk deeper into the garden of your heart, you'll see that there is a ... 


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