• August 6, 2013
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    • Simple Ways to Improve Confidence

      When you say to yourself: "it's easy for others to be confident but I am just not that kind of person..."  what a powerful statement are you making, telling yourself and the world who you are….!

      When you speak (saying to yourself that you are not good enough / not confident/shy or any other negative statement)  effectively you are deleting all opportunities to be anything other than those statements. So say STOP to those statements. Tell yourself this is simply how you used to be and think, not what you are choosing to be and think now.

      What people often forget is that genius is made not born, and skill is the result of discipline and practice. Talents are learned and honed with determination and discipline, so make a decision to start honing yours now. Start to begin taking control of your thoughts instead of allowing your previous programming to control you.


      Learn to Become Confident

      Begin to imagine people who you believe are confident. Hold your body like them. Think like you imagine they would think. Talk to yourself like you imagine they would. 

      Most of all, pay attention to the voice in your head and get it talking in a tone and manner that you find motivating and reassuring instead of insisting using the same internal dialogue that you used to convince yourself that you are not confident.

      Imagine yourself as you would like to be and step into that confident version of you. Do things differently, consciously. If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got. So stop those old thoughts in your head. Say the word STOP to those old thoughts. Then take a deep breath, relax, feel good, play confident sounds in your mind, see confident pictures in your head.

      Remember a time when you felt confident and then imagine yourself to be now as you were then. Make those images brighter, larger and bring them nearer and wrap them around you.

      Now that you believe in your ability to be more confident, how you think is how you allow yourself to be. What you believe to be the truth is the truth for you. You are the most powerful influence in your life.

      As you start consciously changing your thoughts grab the thoughts by the scruff of the neck and think: I am going to choose how I feel and what I think from now onwards and notice how good it feels to feel so good.

      Start Feeling More Confident Now

      Now, do this practical exercise to start getting rid of your old conditioning:

      Imagine you are standing in front of a mirror. As you look at yourself in it you can see yourself and all your past experiences reflected back. Now imagine this mirror is magical: it has a liquid surface and when you step through it, it immediately removes the past and on the other side all you know is present and future.

      Here the past view is gone and you look forward to the future.  Infinite possibilities are contained in it. Anything is possible. Notice what you can use to start making that future come true now.  And notice what new ideas come into the present about the future.
      Trust your unconscious, allow it to help give you sensations, feelings, images, ideas that inspire you and motivate you to create that future now. Feel the ideas become a fuel that propels you towards that future so you just naturally want to move closer to that compelling future.



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