Go from an apprehensive, queasy, clammy performer to an empowered, charged and inspired pro with the help of transformational hypnotherapy

Are you a singer, actor, musician, performer or public speaker who is paralysed by stage fright but you want to:

  • Be recognised for your talent and share your message with a larger audience 
  • Quiet the negative voices in your head that prevent you from standing out
  • Share your gifts, sing your song and shine your light on the world
  • Ignite your career. Showcase your material. Be authentically confident on stage
  • Get seen, get heard, get recognised
  • Be the kind of person others get inspired by

Then Join Dare to Be Seen Online Course and learn from best selling author, clinical hypnotherapist, coach, singer-songwriter and former sufferer Elisa Di Napoli who has turned her own fear around using the very methods she teaches.

how to overcome stage fright singing

Dare to Be Seen is for You If

  • You are terrified of performing (whether it is a gig, a play, or an audition) 
  • You are nervous and need a boost of confidence
  • You want to take your performance to the next level 
  • You want  to step up to a bigger stage 
  • You are passionate for creative expression but fear holds you back
  • You are a performing artist, musician, singer, actor, comedian. You want to give better performances but you shy away from the limelight
  • You want to spread your music but feel nervous about it
  • You want to apply for a bigger part but don't like auditions
  • You worry about being judged if you make a mistake in public
  • You want to be recognised but are afraid you don't have what it takes

How To Overcome Stage Fright: Singing, Acting, Playing Music, Performing, Public Speaking

How Stage NERVES stop you

from performing at your best:

  • You worry about being less than perfect. You think showing vulnerability is a weakness. You fear rejection or judgement.
  • You feel so stressed about an upcoming performance that you find an excuse not to do it or else you get panic attack or develop a last minute mysterious illness
  • You can’t sleep at night before the event.
  • You push through the nerves but you get so nervous during the event that you end up messing it up with mistakes, awkwardness, stiffness, a dry mouth, trembling fingers, mumbling, or stuttering
  • You fear embarrassment. You are so concerned about how you come across that your performance ends up dull and lacklustre.
  • You manage to pull it off but get IBS or vomiting beforehand and definitely do not feel much joy in performing
  • You manage to keep your fear a secret. You pretend to be confident but inside you think you are a fraud and you feel shame
  • You wonder how to overcome stage fright singing performing or public speaking and you think this may be impossible

If you have been experiencing any of the above then the Dare to Be Seen Online Course can 100% help you. It will shift your anxiety, your nerves and your fear of criticism and allow you to show up and shine as the performer you can be. 

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What my students are saying:

I highly recommend Elisa to every artist and performer looking to bring themselves and their art to the next level

Elisa is a fantastic hypnotherapist whose results exceeded all my expectations. I knew there were some mental and emotional blocks that were holding me back from being the best singer and artist I could be. After just a few sessions with Elisa I am connecting with the music in a way that I never knew was possible. The release of these barriers has manifested in my voice in a most extraordinary way. I highly recommend Elisa to every artist and performer looking to bring themselves and their art to the next level, or make an epic comeback after a recent downturn.

DANIEL  UPCHURCH //  Professional Singer

Elisa taught me how to overcome stage fright singing in public

Elisa helped me overcome my fear of singing in public and I am so grateful to her.  It took about four sessions and by then end I managed to do multiple solo performances with my choir. She is very friendly and welcoming, I was put at ease straight away. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with fears or anxiety. Thank you, Elisa! 

RACHEL  MCCOUBREY  //  Gospel Singer

Here’s what people are saying about

Dare to Be Seen

Mariana Tirsa


Susanna Orr Holland




This course really helps to go deep into the body reactions as well as the beliefs I have had about myself as a performer to help create a new experience, a new story in my unconscious. I've really got a lot out of this course. 

This course connected me to some of my old fears about being seen and about performing and has helped me be more free of them. It also helped me connect to myself more fully and to connect to my power. 

My confidence level has increased a lot.

I no longer overthink.

I have learned to be present.

I have learned to listen to people and that it's ok to make a mistake. 


Make Performance Success a Reality...

Get your dream gig

Get that audition. Land that part. Nail that difficult passage. Beat your nerves and gain true confidence.

Be at the top of your game

Leave your fear of failure and rejection behind. Become resilient, unshakeable and present.

Give a Flawless Performance

No more trembling, stammering or feeling self conscious. Bounce back from mistakes.  Get into flow and enjoy performing. 

Become Bulletproof

Get rid of mental blocks.  Let go of worry. Say goodbye to panic attacks. Perform well under pressure

Performance anxiety Definition


Performance anxiety isn't just something that happens to comedians or musicians. Whenever you are under the public eye you are "performing". So if you feel nervous at interviews or speaking at meetings you are suffering from stage fright, also known as performance anxiety.  

Here's some examples:

  • singing, acting or playing an instrument in front of an audience
  • giving a  workshop or masterclass
  • playing a difficult passage in front of teachers or examiners
  • performing live on tv or the web
  • going for an audition 
  • improvising
  • soloing or monologuing
  • playing in front of a stadium crowd

Most people at some point in their life experience performance anxiety. Most people fear speaking in front of crowds or performing in front of an audience.

But the good news is it doesn't need to be this way. You don't have to live with this forever.

You can absolutely learn how to overcome stage fright singing, playing or speaking in public and become an outstanding performer in any area of your life, and the Dare to Be Seen Course can support you to do just that. 

overcoming stage fright
Elyssa Vulpes stage presence
performance anxiety definition

How I overcame Stage Fright

As well as being a clinical hypnotherapist and coach I play guitar, drums and sing. I struggled with stage fright for years. 

I 'd book a gig and then wish I didn't. I'd practice for hours on end and hate every minute of it. On the day of the performance I would get IBS and during the event my hands would shake and I'd forget the words.

On one occasion I ran out of the venue in shame after forgetting an entire verse of a song.

On a good day my performance would be lifeless, boring and riddled with mistakes. Afterwards I would feel disappointed, and angry with myself. On two occasions, I even lost my voice on the eve of an album release gig.

I tried therapy. I tried wine. I tried other drugs. I tried acting training, I tried improv. Some of it helped, but nothing solved the problem. At one point, I almost gave up singing and playing in public. 

But then I decided to learn how to overcome stage fright. Singing, playing music and speaking confidently became a priority. I started seeing clients with this problem and saw them transform after only a few sessions. I decided to walk the talk and put myself through the same program. And finally I found the answer. 

You too can let go of stage nerves. If you wonder how you can overcome fear of public speaking hypnosis is the answer. 

The sessions were extremely beneficial

Just wanted to wish you all the best. I really appreciated my sessions with you. They were extremely beneficial when helping me prep for a job interview….and in turn successfully applying for the post. Exciting times ahead……

Derek Mccarron

Are You Ready to Turn your stage fright into Stage Presence?


Dare-to be-Seen

And Get Instant Access Straight Away

This is what you get...

  • 10 X Transformational Hypnotic Sessions that rewire your  brain at a neurological level so you rid yourself of performance anxiety for good. 
  • 2 x Bonus Hypnotic Sessions to overcome trauma and fear of rejection so you can stop being afraid of other people's opinions and be truly present with your audience. 
  • 10 x Instructional videos that explain what underpins each exercise so you consciously understand why it works. 
  • Behavioural exercises that put into practice what you've learned so you integrate your positive performance experience into your life.
  • A Private FB support group giving you the opportunity to be part of a community where you are able to ask questions get answers and share your experiences. 
  • NEW! Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls Get direct answers to your burning questions related to the course material, exercises, or any challenges you're facing. I will be there to provide clarity and guidance.
stage fright

If you Want to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking Hypnosis Is The Answer

Can hypnosis really help overcome fear of public speaking?

Yes, it's true that a single session of hypnotherapy will not be enough to completely cure one's fear of public speaking or stage nerves, but replacing the negative conditioning that causes performance anxiety with positive conditioning is the key to making the transformation possible. That is why the the Dare to Be Seen Online Course consist not of one but ten hypnotherapy sessions which will allow an individual to conquer their fear with a lot less work than if they tried to go it alone.

Why not give it a try?

It can be difficult to make a decision about whether or not to take a risk, especially when it comes to something as important as overcoming one's fear of public speaking or performing in public. But I ask you - why not give it a chance? If you're anywhere in the world and are looking for someone who can help you with this, then look no further! The Dare To Be Seen Online course offers professional tested and tried hypnotherapy sessions that will ensure your success.

The Problem

Stage nerves and fear of public speaking are emotional problems that stem from negative conditioning. Therefore any intervention that focuses only on the rational analytical mind cannot work. When a conflict is present between the conscious and the subconscious mind the latter always wins. Emotion always trumps logic.

The Solution

Hypnosis is the fastest and most effective way of tackling stubborn emotional problems that do not respond to traditional talk therapy. 

This is because hypnosis deals with the root of the problem at its source. It does not just get rid of symptoms but looks at the cause of the issue and deals with it directly where it originates. 

You could spend years trying to find out how to overcome fear of public speaking or stage nerves with counselling or mindfulness but you would be wasting your time. Doing so is like trying to communicate in French with an English speaker who just does not understand the language. 


Fully Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

Join Dare to Be Seen and 'test drive' the programs to see if it lives up to your expectations. If this training doesn't make you completely satisfied , I don't deserve your money.

Simply send me an email within the first 10 days and I'll give you back every penny you've invested. 


You will get a full, prompt refund and we'll part as friends.

Elisa Di Napoli 

What Dare to be Seen

  •  A Passive Information Download. In order to get results you will need to listen to the hypnosis sessions and complete the exercises.  
  • An Intellectual Training where you listen to ‘talking heads’ and take notes. This training is embodied and holistic, aiming to integrate body and mind into a new way of experiencing the stage.  
  • A course about how to prepare your materials, shape your speech or what to say to your audience.
  • A motivational speech where I tell you how great I am and inspire you to be the best you can be. 
  • A bunch of NLP Techniques.  NLP can work wonders for people who are very suggestible from the get go. Hypnosis is the most effective way to bypass the critical factor of the mind. Combining NLP with Hypnosis will give much better results, which is what Dare to Be Seen does. 
  • An inflated fluffed up course full of waffling and padding with repeated content. This program is focussed, comprehensive and only includes what you need to get the results you want.
  • An overview of case studies of other people suffering from performance anxiety, with theoretical discussions on how to overcome it. This is a hands-on practical and interactive course designed to deliver real results. 

What Dare to Be Seen

  •  A comprehensive Evidence Based Course based on personal experience as well as 20 years of real clinical work with clients.
  • An In Depth Course tackling the powerful, unconscious forces at work in the performing situation. You get lots of strategies that deliver permanent results.
  • An Interactive, Practical Experience.  You get audio, video, text, exercises and lectures as well as *group coaching (if you purchase that option). 
  • 10 Transformational Hypnotic Audios  that rewire your brain at a neurological level so you rid yourself of performance anxiety for good. 
  • 2 Bonus Sessions that help you overcome trauma and fear of rejection  so you can stop being afraid of other people's opinions and be truly present with your audience.  
  • 10 x Instructional videos that explain what underpins each exercise so you consciously understand why it works.
  • Behavioural exercises that put into practice what you've learned so you integrate your positive performance experience into your life.
  • A Master-the-stage FB support Group giving you the opportunity to be part of a community where you are able to ask questions get answers and share your experiences. 

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When you join the Dare to Be Seen Course you will gain access to all the tools you need in order to learn how to master your thoughts and emotions. The sessions are based on the following systems:


The Wise Heart Approach to transform stage fear into excitement. 

The first step in our journey towards having fun on stage is to find our way through the fear. To do that we need to accept how we are feeling , understand why we are feeling this way and then learn how to calm the body. If you argue with your analytical mind about what is happening you will get nowhere. Instead you need to delve into the wisdom of our heart. 


The LAMA Method for creating a new confident you.

To create our future we first need to let go of the past. We need to let go of worry, what ifs scenarios and catastrophic expectations of what the future holds. Then we can create our future as we want it through choosing the emotions we want in the present.


The Highly Successful Performer Mindset that will allow you to master the stage.

Successful performers have resilient thinking habits. They know how to move from self consciousness to a state of flow. They know how to deal with mistakes. They know how to feel calm and perform well in front of two, twenty or twenty thousand people. Discover how to recreate that mindset in you. 

You can learn how to overcome stage fright singing, playing or public speaking. The time is get started is now.

Wondering How this Course Works?

Here's an overview of the course modules that will take you from overcoming performance anxiety to commanding the stage. 

Dare to be seen course content



If being vulnerable terrifies you or you are worried about being judged and rejected, it may be that you suffered from unresolved trauma.

These free bonus sessions will help you successfully overcome this obstacle so you can leave the past behind and move on once and for all.

  • Overcome Fear of Rejection and show up with confidence and consistency. 
  • Deal with Traumatic Memories around performance and free yourself to truly shine on stage

More Course Bonuses

When you sign up for the Dare to be Seen Online Course you also get:

Bonus 03 : Book Resources
  • AudioBook to listen on the go.
  • E-Book to deepen your understanding. 
  • Course Sessions Checklist to keep you on track.
  • Course Workbook to cement your learning.

Bonus 04: Habit Boosters
  • The Limiting Beliefs Buster Worksheet. Identify your negative conditioning and replace it with empowering affirmations that will support your journey of transformation into a confident performer. 
  • The 6 Fundamental "Mind Hacks" for achieving lasting performance success. If you want to succeed in anything in life you need to know how to influence your mind.  To do this you need to understand how the mind works. When you communicate effectively with your mind there is nothing you can't achieve. 
Bonus 05: Performing Resources

Pre-Performance Ritual and One-Breath One-Thought Training.  Learn 3 techniques to effectively and quickly stop panicking before and during a performance with this powerful 30 minute video training. 

Vocal Warm Up Sheet and Video. Release tension and warm up your voice so you show up on stage ready to rock!

FREE 1-1 coaching with ME: This is actually a call you have to earn ;) If you complete the appropriate modules, you get a chance to win a special call with ME. I'll help you get to the next level faster than you can imagine.

Join A Community of Happy Students

I absolutely loved this course

I absolutely loved this course. Very interesting and I learned so much. There is an excellence of practical, background reading and theory. Very well designed course. Extremely well delivered by a first rate tutor. And it's working so thanks to Elisa.


I feel I have made significant progress

After only a few sessions I feel I have made significant progress and have now been given the tools to continue to develop my self belief without Elisa's direct input.

CHRIS GILMAN  //  Author

Loved it and would highly recommend it.

I had individual sessions and participated in one of Elisa's group hypnosis classes and loved it and would highly recommend it. Elisa has a terrific voice and creates a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, as well as being a very nice and caring person. Every trance was like going away on a journey of discovery very similar to the dream-like state and gets more and more detailed every time you go there.

IVAN BUGGY  //  Student

Belief without talent can take you further than talent without belief. But when you have both, you are unstoppable.


ELISA DI NAPOLI //  Author, Hypnotherapist, Coach, Performer

As a former sufferer of performance anxiety I have personal and clinical knowledge about this problem.

I am a singer, drummer and improviser as well as a hypnotherapist and performance coach with 20 years experience in both fields .

I am passionate about empowering you to show up, be present, inspire and not let the fear keep the breaks on.

I look forward to working together. 

Elisa Di Napoli


Are You Ready to Change Your Trajectory today?

Benefits of saying YES

  • You become a confident performer 
  • You find the spotlight thrilling and exciting
  • You get new career opportunities
  • You enjoy sharing your gifts with a wider audience
  • You make your professional goals a reality 
  • You step into the best version of you

Costs of saying NO

  • You stay stuck in a rut
  • You never know what it's like to be a confident performer
  • You say goodbye to your ideal career
  • You lose opportunities to advance in your field
  • You keep dreading stepping under the spotlight
  • You lose confidence about being able to achieve your goals

What's it gonna be?

As Einstein famously said, "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Is the cost of staying in your comfort zone worth giving up on your dreams? Or are the benefits of saying yes to yourself worth the small discomfort of trying something new? Only you can take responsibility for the direction of your life. The choice is yours. 

The Best Time to 

Dare -to Be- Seen

is Now!

Overcome your fear. Get seen and heard in a larger way. 

Master the stage. Become an outstanding performer. 

If not now, when?

how to overcome stage fright singing






Lifetime Access to Course

  • Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls
  • 10 Hypnotic Audio Sessions
  • 2 x Bonus Sessions on overcoming Trauma and Fear of Rejection
  • Videos and Exercises
  • Free Dare to Be Seen Book
  • Exclusive Access to Private FB Support Group





Join Dare to Be Seen and 'test drive' the programs to see if it lives up to your expectations. If this training doesn't make you completely satisfied , I don't deserve your money.

Simply send me an email within the first 10 days and I'll give you back every penny you've invested. 


You will get a full, prompt refund and we'll part as friends.

Elisa Di Napoli 

But Elisa, What if...

" How do I know this is going to work? I have tried everything and nothing has worked so far!'

I know what it’s like to have tried everything and failed. I was there myself. Nothing worked for me until I understood how the mind truly works. You need to know how to communicate to it specifically so you can get what you want. Until I learned that I kept on getting the opposite. Once you understand how this works you can have anything you want.

"What if I can't get hypnotised?"

If you want to be hypnotised you can be. Hypnosis is a state of inner focus similar to REM sleep. You go into it naturally every day as you fall asleep. Like any skill you can master it easily with regular practice and it quickly becomes second nature. 

"What if I can't get relaxed?"

When you suffer from anxiety it can be hard to relax. I know because It was also very hard for me to relax in my twenties! The good news is you don’t need to relax to be in hypnosis. I often hypnotise teens who can't sit still. That is why in my courses I use all kinds of easy methods for your to get into hypnosis in the best way for you.

"I can't afford it!"

First of all I want you to think of how much it is going to cost you to keep your problem as it is.  Isn't it time you invested in yourself? You could do nothing and stay where you are but nothing will change. Or you could go for another course that is less complete and more superficial but you would be wasting your time and money and not get the results you want and deserve. Also, you could go for the subscription model which only costs $37 a month!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this course is any good? Why should I trust you?

How is the course different from the book? Can I do the course without reading the book? 

How often should I listen to each hypnotic audio and how long does it take to complete the course?

If I don't like it after I buy, can I get a refund?

How do I book my coaching session/s ?

Can I pick and choose which module to listen to or do I have to go in order?

Can I try before I buy? 

When you believe yourself to be master of your thoughts, you become so.


Elisa Di Napoli

I really hope you can join our community today.  By doing so you will help us shape a world where people like you are heard and seen.

I hope you will choose to be a part of this journey of personal transformation because your voice matters. Your contribution is significant and precious.

Joining us on this course is going to be a great opportunity for you to really step into your power and make the shift that will make all the difference in your life.

Don't let another year go by without sharing your talent with the people who most need to experience it.

Dare to be seen

Copyright 2019, Elisa Di Napoli Holistic Life Coaching & Psychological Guidance

Disclaimer: Results cannot be guaranteed, and depend on personal response to hypnosis. 

We request that you do not participate in hypnotherapy if you have any past or existing concerns about your mental health.

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