Dare To Be Seen - From Stage Fright to Stage Presence.

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About "Dare To Be Seen - From Stage Fright to Stage Presence."

Ten Easy Steps to turn your performance anxiety into Authentic Power in 10 weeks or less using Transformational Hypnotherapy

Dare To Be Seen - From Stage Fright to Stage Presence.

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In this training, you will learn how to create a pre-performance ritual that will help you feel calm before a gig so you stop any panic or excessive stage nerves in 5 minutes. 

About the Teacher


Elisa Di Napoli has been a full time integrative clinical hypnotherapist since 2001, her practice expanding across New Zealand and Scotland. Her work places a great deal of importance on positive mental health, Neuro-linguistic Psychology and Holistic Coaching. She studied hypnotherapy at the prestigious Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Northern California training with world-renowned teachers Randal Churchill and Ormond McGill. She is among the first practitioners to embrace the innovative discipline of hypnotic coaching. She is a drummer and an accomplished singer-songwriter with 20 years of performance experience and 11 albums under her belt. Her background includes philosophy, art, comparative religion, music performance, and acting. 

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