Insight Sessions

Access the power of Tarot-based Coaching to Break Through your Confusion and Overcome Your Most Pressing Challenges

why work with ME?

Over 20+ Years Experience

Intuitive Holistic Coaching

During an insight session, I will tune into your unique energy to ask key questions that will empower you to see things from a new perspective. Together, we will find the answers that free you to pursue what your heart longs for with clarity and confidence. 

Tarot Guidance

I use Tarot as a 'spiritual' shortcut to what lies hidden within you. Cutting through what is surface is essential to get to the heart of the issue, so you can finally find a way forward. 

Guided Meditation

At the end of our session, I will create a short meditation to take home with you so you can cement your insights and bring forth their fruits in the days, months, and years to come. 

the approach

I use my experience to get you unstuck

Maybe you have already been to a psychologist or a counsellor but still feel stuck. Perhaps you are looking for something different, something that can go deeper than mere rationality. You wonder whether a different approach might work better. Something unique and yet grounded, something intuitive but not too 'out there'. Maybe you believe there is more to the world than meets the eye, but you don't believe in supernatural entities or fortune telling. Perhaps you are open-minded, but also want to feel your feet firmly grounded in reality. Perhaps you believe there are mysterious forces at play in a world that can sometimes surprise you with what seems like magical and inexplicable coincidences, and you want to reach out beyond the visible. 

Maybe you are after a practical approach that can offer you a real insight into your life that will empower you to take action. You want to access the wisdom and power of your own deeper subconscious self. You are after a mix of spirituality and science. A breakthrough that will change everything is what you are looking for. Someone who can listen with deeper ears and whose agenda is to empower you. You want to dig deeper and get guidance from someone who will help you find your own answers. You want to access your inner knowing and go away with a feeling of clarity, direction, and confidence in your next steps. If this is you, you have come to the right place. Get in touch with me to arrange an "Insight Session"


Discover how I make a difference in your life

My background is in holistic clinical hypnotherapy, mindset coaching and psychological Tarot. So is this therapy, coaching or Tarot reading? None of the above, or perhaps more of a unique blend of all of those.

Using the best of what I have learned in the past 20 years with clients from all over the world, I have designed the "Insight Sessions' with the aim of of helping you break through your confusion and overcome your most pressing challenges in just one session of 120 minutes.


Check what my clients say about the sessions

Eleonora Ferrari Tioli 

Flight Attendant

Angela Hoskins

MUSIC coordinator

Margo Janke-Gilman

Mother and artist

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