Rockstar Advocate podcast

Interview by Suzanne Paulinski (The Rockstar Advocate) on The MusicPreneur Podcast. Listen here:

Interview with Cloris Kyle

Interview with Cloris Kyle from Beyond Influencer Marketing

Therapy Chat podcast player

Interview with Laura Reagan from Therapy Chat Podcast

Interview with Diane Foy on the Sing Dance Act Thrive Podcast

Interview with Cyber PR Ariel Hyatt
elisa di napoli summit interview
Interview with Suzanne Paulinski

Interview with Suzanne Paulinski from the Rockstar Advocate

Interview with Rik Roberts from The School of Laughs Podcast

Time to shine podcast interview

Published Articles

Hypnotherapy journal article by Elisa Di Napoli

The Hypnotherapy Journal

Medium Article by Elisa Di Napoli


Article by Elisa Di Napoli A lust for life

A Lust for Life


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