• April 14, 2020
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      • 7 Keys to a healthy relationship
      • A guide to turn your unhappy relationship around during times of stress
      • Download your Free "Better Relationships" Hypnotic Audio mp3 
      • Essentials Resources for managing relationships during the coronavirus lockdown and other challenging times

      Better Relationships

      Find Harmony and restore happiness in your relationship

      How to Improve Relationships with the Power of Hypnosis

      The coronavirus outbreak is leading to big changes in the way we live our everyday lives. Our relationships are hugely important to us just at a time when they are being placed under the most intense pressure. Relationships are not built on the expectation that you'll be spending all day, every day with that person. If you’re both working from home, with nowhere to go in the evenings, there’s a chance you may experience some friction.

      Perhaps it’s happening already? This is perfectly normal, particularly given the increased stress we’re all under right now. But, as we could be in this predicament for a while yet, it’s worth taking some steps to ensure we get through this period with our relationships intact. We may even come out the other side stronger! Give these strategies a go:


       Create the love with your differences

      Be interested in your partner and appreciate their special qualities. Write a list of the positive differences between you. This can help you begin to appreciate each other again. After all two people with different strengths make a better team!


      No criticisms/No put downs

      Lots of relationships are spoiled by repetitive negative behaviour such as nagging or criticism. A pattern begins to form so that as soon as one person does or says something, the other responds negatively. Try saying something out of context.

      When niggles arise between you or one is trying to control the other, say something silly or funny. Your partner will be so taken aback it will throw them – and it may even make them laugh. But most importantly, it will change the habits of communication between you


      Cuddle Time

      Make time for just having a cuddle with no expectation of anything further and enjoy the closeness. 


      Encourage your partner's dreams (and yours)

      Encourage your partner to fulfil their dreams and ask them to allow you to achieve yours, too. When you both feel free, you will both be happy.


      Discuss Rather Than Argue

      Many irritations in relationships are when one person thinks the other should be doing or seeing things their way.
      You can easily stand up for yourself by working on the way you approach conversations. For example, say, “We are both right and we are both wrong; we see things differently because we are different people.” Turn irritating comments into humour – see the situation as a cartoon so that you can laugh at it. 


      Learn To Listen

      Make a conscious effort to really listen to what your partner has to say. Love focusing on their strengths  Don’t just talk—try intense listening and validate what they say. By listening attentively to another person speak from the inside out, you allow them to be at the same time inside themselves and with you. Which is actually what happens in sex, too.


      Take Control of your own happiness

      Don’t set up your partner to fail by having expectations of them which are too high. If there’s something you want or need, take responsibility for communicating your needs and meeting them yourself if you can instead of expecting someone else to read your mind.

      How Hypnotherapy for Relationships Works

      Hypnosis can be used to change thinking patterns, behaviours and outcomes. Relationship hypnosis deals with the relationship you have with your partner. Relationship hypnosis can help you:

      • Deal with negative emotions
      • Have much improved communications with the people around you
      • Recapture those feelings of love and romance
      • Build strong relationships towards a brighter future

      You too can shift the dynamics of your relationship. To help you further, download this complimentary hypnosis recording. Enjoy a better relationship!

      Better Relationships

      Find Harmony and restore happiness in your relationship

      Unhappy relationship?

      A guide to healthy relationships during times of stress

      • Monitor yourself 3 times a day. Check your stress levels (anxiety, irritability, impulsivity, anger, depression, despair, fatigue, passivity). Check your hopefulness levels as well. If you are with others, encourage everyone to share their check ins. Acknowledging our internal levels helps us to not turn these feelings on one another and it helps us regulate.
      • Understand that we all have different coping mechanisms and different means of processing our experiences. Under acute stress, some of us become highly logical, others highly emotional. Use these differences to balance your perspectives instead of exacerbating tensions
      • Agree upon a code word that may be deployed when you just can’t engage. Please remember that whoever uses the code word first is responsible to re-open the door to conversation when they are ready. This is so the other person knows they are not dealing with endless silence.
      • Try expressing appreciation not just for what another person does, but who they are. “Thank you for doing the dishes” is good but “thank you for being so thoughtful” is better.
      • Ask for what you want instead of complaining. If you want someone to help you, tell them exactly what you need rather than having them guess or dumping a litany of complaints on them.
      • Don’t be afraid to bring in friends to help you. Others can offer a different perspective around a problem. We are often smarter with other peoples’ problems than our own so take advantage of this. 

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