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Join Elisa Di Napoli, author, artist coach and singer-songwriter as she engages in down to earth, insightful and inspiring conversations with female Indie singer-songwriters, composers and musicians.

We shall discuss the lessons and personal stories of women who dare to be seen, scratching beneath the surface to explore challenging truths, forge deeper connections and foster personal transformation. 

Our mission is to create an empowering community of independent female artists who support one another to shine their own unique light onto the world. 

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About the Host

Elisa Di Napoli, (stage name Elyssa Vulpes), is the best selling author of “Dare to Be Seen”. She is also an indie singer songwriter, drummer, artist coach, hypnotherapist and podcaster. She helps performing artists command the stage and magnify their presence so they can share their gifts with their audience and shine their light on the world. She has been featured on radio, podcasts, blogs, and online magazines.

Elisa Di Napoli hypnotherapist and coach

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If you are a female indie singer-songwriter with 5+ years experience and you want to be interviewed as a guest on the show apply now.

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