• August 12, 2012
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    • What are affirmations?

      Affirmations are simply ways of putting into words thoughts and beliefs that can manifest themselves in the form of an "internal voice". You use affirmations all the time. The problem is they often are negative. For example

      "There is no point trying. I'll never succeed. I'll fail no matter what"

      This type of affirmation negatively hypnotises you into failing and not trying. An opposite affirmation could be something like

      "I choose to let go and overcome what worries me. I choose to relax. I can do this and I will do this"

      If you resist change you stay stuck in your negative affirmations and nothing changes.  It is not a matter of saying affirmations that are true. It's a matter of using affirmations that you can believe in and that you believe that is going to be beneficial for you. Believe in what you want to feel and you'll begin to feel the way you believe.

      The placebo effect works in much the same way. For example, if you believe that sleeping pills are the only way for you to sleep that will be the case, not because they actually work but because you believe they do. If on the other hand you firmly believe they will never work on you they won't. The mind is much more powerful than you think it is.

      You can use affirmations by reading them, listening to them under the form of an MP3 or by remembering and recalling them during the day while you wait or you do the dishes or such like activity. Affirmations are used under the form of suggestions under hypnosis or in subliminal audio.

      The important thing is to fully internalise what you say. Make it yours. Visualise it as clearly as possible. Notice how it makes you feel. Make it real for you and practice it until it feels real.

      If you choose to create your own affirmations make sure to put them in the present tense (not the future) and make them positive. Make them about what you want. The subconscious doesn't understand negatives so don't use "don'ts". Instead of saying "I don't have insomnia" say "I sleep soundly and deeply all night long"

      Affirmations for Sleeping Well

      • I sleep all night long
      • I release insomnia now once and for all
      • I wake up feeling rested and refreshed
      • As soon as I wake up in the morning I get up and feel completely alert
      • I look forward to a wonderful deep refreshing sleep every night
      • My bedroom is relaxing, comfortable and soothing
      • Every night I enjoy a deep restful perfect sleep and I wake up the next morning revitalised
      • As I lay down on my bed my thoughts drain away from my body and dissolve from my mind. I leave the day behind and trust the night will bring me good counsel.
      • My bed is a place of deep relaxation. I know sleep is a natural process that takes place as soon as I close my eyes
      • I feel wide awake during the day and at night my body's natural sleep cycle lulls me gently into relaxation and sleep
      • I choose to leave all my worries behind. I ensure my routine is filled with beneficial habits that help me  relax and sleep naturally every night
      • I deeply and completely accept myself as I am no matter what. I choose to let go of any physical or emotional tension I may have and relax into who I am right now.

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