• March 19, 2020
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    • What are some realistic ways to promote positivity in yourself?

      Here are some uplifting podcasts I recommend for promoting positivity in yourself. Which podcasts are your favourite? Add your favourites in the comments below and share the love! 

      self help podcasts
      On Being podcast

      A Peabody Award-winning public radio show and podcast. What does it mean to be human? How do we want to live? And who will we be to each other? Each week a new discovery about the immensity of our lives. Hosted by Krista Tippett.

      You'll also find special episodes in this feed, including Living the Questions — an occasional On Being segment where Krista muses on questions from our listening community.

      On Being with Krista Tippett airs on more than 400 public radio stations across the U.S. and is distributed by PRX, the Public Radio Exchange. The podcast has been played/downloaded more than 200 million times.

      Making Sense Podcast

      Join Sam Harris—neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author—as he explores some of the most important questions about the human mind, society, and current events.

      Poetry unbound podcast

      Your new ritual: Immerse yourself in a single poem, guided by Pádraig Ó Tuama. Short and unhurried; contemplative and energising. Anchor your week by listening to the everyday poetry of your life, with new episodes on Monday and Friday during the season.

      therapy chat podcast

      Welcome to Therapy Chat podcast! Whether you're a therapist or not, you'll be fascinated by the discussions on this podcast, which focuses on emotions and well being. Baltimore area clinical social worker Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, specialises in trauma related to family of origin issues and trauma. Laura interviews psychotherapists, authors and other experts about psychotherapy, mindfulness, trauma, worthiness, perfectionism, self compassion, attachment, parenting, self care and much more. Find more about Laura at www.therapychatpodcast.com

      modern love podcast logo

      Modern Love: The Podcast features the popular New York Times column, with readings by notable personalities and updates from the essayists themselves. Join host Meghna Chakrabarti (WBUR) and Modern Love editor Daniel Jones (NYT) — and fall in love at first listen.

      The Anxiety Podcast

      From the number one non-fiction bestseller, comes Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast - with everything you need to hear to get on top of your anxiety. This practical and relaxed series explores everything from what anxiety is and why it happens to us, how our brains work and why it''s actually very normal to the various tools and techniques necessary for owning it. Author Caroline Foran shares her story, along with some expert input, in an attempt to help you show your anxiety who's boss. Most importantly, this is a series that tackles the reality of anxiety from a refreshing and relatable perspective.

      The One you feed podcast

      The One You Feed podcast uses the parable of two wolves at battle within us as a jumping-off point for meaningful discussions about how to live skilfully amidst life’s inherent challenges.

      Each week on The One You Feed podcast, the show’s host, Eric Zimmer, talks with experts such as scientists, authors, researchers, psychologists, thought leaders, spiritual teachers, and public figures about how listeners can act their way into a better, more fulfilling life. These conversations center around offering listeners powerful but practical tools that they can use in their daily lives so that they suffer less and live with more joy, love, peace and fulfillment. 

      Listeners have called the show “life-saving” “life-changing” and the “best antidote to feeling bad I’ve ever heard”. 

      We all need help navigating life’s complexity and challenges. The One You Feed podcast is in a class of its own when it comes to introducing practical and actionable wisdom to make your dark days brighter and to help you make significant and long-lasting changes in your life.

      The Oprah Magazine named The One You Feed Podcast as one of the “22 Podcasts That Will Motivate You to Live Your Best Life”, The Huffington Post listed The One You Feed as one of the best health podcasts of all time, and iTunes awarded The One You Feed one of the Best Podcasts of the Year. The show has had over 13 million downloads and there are over 300 episodes to check out

       the moth podcast logo

      A storytelling podcast. The Moth Podcast features re-airs of all new episodes of The Moth Radio Hour, plus additional stories from the vast archive recorded over the past two decades. Episodes are released every Tuesday.

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