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Eric Medcalf


Eric Medcalf
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I can recommend the services of Eric Medcalf, psychotherapist, counsellor and clinical supervisor. 

Practice address: 3 Tramways Building, 1 Thorndon Quay, Wellington, New Zealand. 

Phone: 022 406 5285


About Eric Medcalf

Eric Medcalf is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist with 35 years experience in short and long term work with individuals and couples.

He loves especially working with issues connected with times of change in people's lives: whether in relationships, work or personal aspirations.

He specialises in working with young people and artists as well as older people who are transitioning out of work or live in residential homes. Students and working artists on a low income may apply for a reduction in fees) 

Residential home visits can be arranged for older folks. 

Eric has trained in
psychodynamic psychotherapy, and this allows him to vary his therapeutic style depending on the client's needs and style of thinking. He works with patterns emerging from past experiences as well as present stressors using a cognitive approach. 

Having worked as a Mental Health Advisor for students with Mental Health Disabilities he also works in conjunction with Disability Advisors to support students on their path through Higher Education.

My brand of psychological guidance and creative counselling is inspired by Human Givens Psychology and solution focused psychotherapy and it focuses on moving away from problems towards practical solutions. 

This means that therapy sessions achieve a high level of success quicker than most talking therapies and are all about getting you results so you can regain control over your life over just a few weeks!

Benefits of Solution Focused Psychotherapy and Creative Counselling 

  • Understand what your basic needs are, which are met and which are not, so you can gain clarity over what you need to live a fulfilling life
  • Focus on your resources and what you can do to overcome problems and issues
  • Connect with your inner strengths instead of relying on externals
  • Apply the latest knowledge from neuroscience and psychological research
  • Understand why you feel the way you do in the present including inner conflicts and causes
  • Only four to six sessions are usually enough to gain permanent results
  • Easy to understand and highly practical

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