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Whether you live in Australia, Europe, America, New Zealand or somewhere else, you can access my sessions worldwide. I believe geographical borders should not stop you from finding the help you need. I have been doing online sessions since before the pandemic and hundreds of clients have found them as beneficial and as effective as in person sessions. 

Online Sessions

You can book your session online via a preliminary discovery call or you can email me directly. Find out more how online sessions work here

In Person Sessions

In person sessions take place in Wellington, New Zealand, and occasionally in Edinburgh, UK. Find out more below. 

United Kingdom

Elisa Di Napoli worked in Edinburgh as a mindset coach and hypnotherapist for ten years.

She regularly returns to the UK to offer in person sessions. 

New York

United States

Online sessions are available to US Nationals, all across ET, PT, MT and CT time zones as well as worldwide where possible (check with me via email) Mindset Coaching sessions are available to be booked online and take place on Zoom. 

Wellington Mindset Coach

New Zealand

In person sessions are available in Wellington. If you live outside of Wellington or in Australia, you can access sessions online. Book your session here.

No matter where you live in the world you can book a free discovery call today to find out if we are a good fit.

Alternatively feel free to contact me via email.

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Command the Stage 


3 Secrets to Stop Stage Fright and Perform with Authentic Confidence even if you are Not an Extrovert

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