What is EFT? How do I use EFT? Is EFT really effective?

EFT tapping points

Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT is a self-help technique combining tapping on specific points of the Chinese Medicine Meridians (used widely in acupuncture) while focussing on the problem or issue at hand and repeating specific sentences tailored to the problem which aim to neutralise its effects.

The type of sentences used are tailored to the issue and include principles of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as well as Thought Field Therapy.

It is not yet known exactly why this technique works but I have found it very effective with most of my clients. It is a technique you can use at home whenever you want and I use it as a very powerful adjunct to my other specialties.  Before you do anything else you need to know which ones are the points to tap and in what order:

Order of Tapping Points

KC : Karate Chop (12)

AE : Above the eye (1)

SE: Side of the eye (2)

UE: Under the eye (3)

UN: Under the nose (4)

CH: Chin (5)

CB: Collarbone (6)

UA: Under the arm (7)

There are also other points that you can tap but the above are the main ones.

How do I do EFT? The Choice Method

Using EFT to Manage Acute Emotional Distress

If you are in the middle of a crisis or you simply feel upset or emotionally distressed EFT can be useful to help you feel better. For example, you could be feeling stressed or you may not be able to sleep due to worry or you may be suffering a loss, or feeling low. Although all of the above mentioned states are perfectly normal given the current situation, it would be advisable to know how to alleviate them, so that we are not wearing ourselves out with negative feelings day in and day out. 

For an overview of how EFT works please watch the video above. EFT stands for emotional freedom technique and it is sometimes also called 'tapping'. Although I could attempt to explain why EFT works, the truth is that nobody really knows why it works, we just know it does. My philosophy about it is that if a technique helps we should use it. Here follows the technique step by step:


Focus on an issue/problem you want to resolve or a feeling of discomfort you want to overcome.

Measure on a subjective scale from 1 to 10 how intensely you feel about the issue or how intense the discomfort/pain is. 


Begin by tapping on the Karate Chop point  and say 3 times: "Even though.... (the problem) I deeply and completely accept myself as I am"


Now focus on the issue/ pain/problem/discomfort and tap on the remaining points while saying how the problem makes you feel. Do this until you feel you have fully explored the negative feelings associated with the issue. If need be, go back to the start and repeat the cycle using the same or similar sentences until you are satisfied


Now focus on the solution of the issue/problem discomfort and tap on the points again using positive sentences that neutralise the negative ones and emphasise choice. Again, feel free to go round several times, until you find words that work for you. Remember that what matters is not the words in themselves but the intention behind them


Repeat step 4 and 5 until you feel you've worked through the negative feelings. Then Take a deep breath and let it all go. Measure on a scale of 1 to 10 how intense the negative feeling is now.


Repeat the exercise until you reach 0 or a number that satisfies you.If you do not feel the numbers are going down chances are you are resisting this technique. Do you feel silly tapping? Tap on your resistance and you'll find out what bothers you i.e. KC 'Even though I feel silly tapping and this is stupid I deeply and completely accept myself' etc

Remember the most important thing is the intention behind the words. Feel the words, don't just say them. Believe them and make them yours. 

Here's some examples:


KC: Even though I am obsessively anxious and worried about not sleeping I deeply and completely accept myself as I am anyway

AE: I feel so anxious about not sleeping

SE: I am worried I will never be able to sleep

UE: I hate going to bed at night in case I don't sleep

UN: what if I can't sleep ever again?  

CH: I am so scared of how tired I will  be tomorrow 

CB: I am so frustrated and angry about this

UA: it's not fair! Why me? I am too tired to deal with this!  

AE I choose to release this anxiety.

SE: I choose to trust everything will be ok  

UE: I choose to relax and let go of this obsession

UN: I begin to let go of this worry

CH: I ask source energy to heal me

CB: I need help letting go of this frustration and anger

UA: I forgive myself and my body for putting me through this. I choose to allow myself to stop caring so much about sleeping so I can relax 

Insecurity in Relationships:

KC: Even though I am obsessively anxious and worried about my boyfriend I deeply and completely accept myself as I am

AE: I feel so anxious about my boyfriend going out when Im not around

SE: I am worried he will find another woman

UE: I am not good enough to be loved

UN: he'll find another woman and leave me

CH: I am so scared of being alone

CB: I cannot live without him

UA: I'm so scared of being abandoned . I'll never find anyone else  

AE I choose to release this anxiety.

SE: I choose to trust everything will be ok

UE: I am lovable and I deserve love

UN: I love myself and I am loved

CH: I ask source energy to heal me

CB: I want to let go of this worry and anxiety

UA: I forgive myself and my past loves for all the pain caused

I choose to allow myself to start letting go of this obsession 

If you do not feel confident using this technique on your own I can help you by giving you a demonstration and guiding you through it on one of our sessions together. Afterward, I can provide you with a recording to use at home until you become familiar with it.

In addition to this, I will provide you with audio recordings and worksheets if necessary in order for you to get a grip on what to say to resolve your specific issue. I have used this technique very effectively for clients with insomnia as well as anxiety.

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