Secular Meditation for Beginners

Learning basic meditation doesn't have to be a struggle. While it can be overwhelming for people in the west to choose between a vast array of practices often offered by religious or semi religious orders there is a solution to this conundrum.

What kind of meditation should I choose ?

I believe that the practice of meditation should be free of any religious affiliation so that you may decide how to use it for your benefit without a fixed external framework or influence. My all inclusive non religious meditation course is aimed at beginners as well as those who have practiced Buddhist or other types of meditation for years. This is because our approach is inclusive rather than exclusive. I offer:

Secular Meditation Course Topics

  • mindfulness meditation
  • breathing meditation
  • guided meditation
  • insight meditation
  • loving kindness meditation
  • healing meditation
  • meditation for relaxation
  • meditation therapy 
  • visualisation and affirmations

Guided Meditation

Because in the west we are not used to meditation it can be hard at first to learn the basic meditation techniques that are necessary to be able to benefit from it.


This is why guided meditation can be very successful , especially if you find that your mind is restless and rebellious and doesn't seem to focus easily on one thing at a time.

Guided meditation classes make it easier for beginners to find ways to train their minds to find lasting peace and relaxation. 

This is because rather than being left to your own devices you are supported all the way by someone who knows what the pitfalls are and can help you overcome them.

Meditation can be easy when learned this way and overtime you will be able to get 'into the zone' on your own in less than 20 seconds.

There is a lot more to guided meditation than just focusing on your breathing: our approach is wider than the average guided meditation courses you'll find out there.

This is because we integrate all of the different types of meditation commonly offered under one roof so you don't have to jump from one teacher to another in order to learn them all and you yourself can choose what works for you.

Healing Meditation therapy

In recent years psychological research has confirmed that meditation therapy is a very effective way to combat stress as well as help with conditions such as anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, chronic pain and sleep disorders to mention but a few.

The fact of the matter is that learning meditation will teach you new ways of handling  challenging emotions, feelings, moods, sensations and physical interactions.


Learning meditation will give you a sense of  control over your mind and body so you can gain a sense of self confidence in all areas of life.

Whether you want to learn meditation for relaxation or meditation for health concerns rest assured that you don't have to be an advanced student to benefit from it.

My beginners meditation program is so flexible it can be tailored to your needs in individual sessions or can be offered in a group setting of your choice.

What meditation teacher should I choose ?

When you learn a language would you rather go to a trained professional language teacher or just someone who speaks the language you want to learn? You might still learn something from the latter but for lasting and quick results you would be better off going to a qualified teacher. A lot of people claim to be able to teach meditation but who is best qualified to become a recognised meditation teacher remains unclear.

The truth is nobody knows the ins and outs of how the subconscious mind works better than a trained professional such as a holistic clinical hypnotherapist. A hypnotherapist works everyday with the 'trance' or 'focused awareness' state which is the same state you go into when you meditate.

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Recommended Meditation Apps

I personally use Sam Harris Waking up app and after extensive research I find it the best. Reach out to me if you want a link to try it free for one month. I am not an affiliate, just an enthusiast user. 

waking up sam harris app

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