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Six Steps to Follow Through on Goals


Are you good at setting intentions but you find it hard to follow through?

Do you tell yourself phrases like "I don't have time. I'll do it tomorrow. It's too hard. What if it doesn't work?" if so, you are rationalizing, which means you are finding excuses to stay stuck.

Taking action is the number one factor of success but it means getting out of your comfort zone and trusting your efforts will be rewarded.

This is why if you want to succeed you must first focus on the result you want, and only later the process necessary to get there.  


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Set Your Destination

What is your dearest wish that you would like to fulfill and you think you could fulfill during the timeframe you have set for yourself? What is the best outcome you associate with fulfilling your wish? Phrase it in the positive. If you find yourself saying "I don't want..." ask yourself: what do I want instead? Be specific. 



What's your Motivation?  

To get anywhere you need fuel. This is your motivation.
Motivation comes from the positive emotion you feel when you connect to the results your after. Why do you want them? What difference will it make to your career or your self-esteem or your enjoyment of life when you achieve your objective? How will  fulfilling your wish make you feel? Conversely, how will not fulfilling this wish make you feel?



Identify  Obstacles

In the past what are the beliefs that stopped you from following through? A belief is a thought you have repeated to yourself long enough for it to become a certainty. What you do or don't do is a based on the belief that you either can or cannot. Challenge your old limiting beliefs! You need to develop a certainty that the change you want is what you are about. What would you need to believe in order to follow through this time?



Make an Action Plan

Once you have your what and your why the next step is your how. You need to set up the game so you can win! Don't make your plan too hard or inflexible. You need to build momentum and confidence so chunk down your big goal into bite-size. How can you make your plan comfortable, enjoyable, exciting and satisfying? Make sure you can measure progress and reward yourself each time you complete a step.


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Take Action Immediately

The door of opportunity is open. You need to step through immediately or you will go back to what is familiar. What is one small action you can take now that will give you momentum? What's a bigger one that takes effort which will set you up for success? Make a decision to start right now. 


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Surround Yourself with Positive Role Models

Most people's lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group. So surround yourself with people who have higher standards than you so that in order to fit in you have to raise yours. Find someone who is already succeeding and who is going to hold you to the standard you have set. Learn from them. Model yourself on them. And if you can, focus on sharing your victories with them. 

EXERCISE - Set a Clear Goal Now

Take 5 minutes out of your time right now and answer these questions. The more you put into this exercise the more you will get out of it.


What is your short term goal? What is the immediate result/benefit you want to obtain?

Make this easily achievable and yet satisfying. 


What is your mid-term goal? How do you want to feel when you have consistently taken action to achieve your goals?

This could be five weeks to six months to a year. What will you be able to do that you cannot do now?


Where do you want to be in 1-5 or even 10 years? (This depends on your ultimate destination and how long it may take to get there)

What is the ultimate dream you want to manifest ?

Hold Yourself Accountable 

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Remember you are going to the get off track at some point. Don't trick yourself into thinking this is a failure. Does a baby give up when they fall the first time they try to walk? Do they mope around and say"I am not a walker...I will never walk!" No! They keep on trying and adjust their movements until they succeed.

Another way of looking at that is this: when you are on a boat and you set your destination for 'success island' there may be some storms coming your way. The high winds and big waves may get the boat off track. All you need to do is steer it back on course. Don't make it too complicated. This is how we all learn. 

Need extra help?

Sometimes it can be hard to stay focused on your own. The journey is easier when you have a guide or even just   a buddy who can keep you on the straight and narrow. Someone who is supportive, who believes in you and can keep you accountable. If this is you, a Life Coach may just be the right answer. Book a discovery call with me today to find out whether I could be that person for you. Read my manifesto here


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