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3 simple ways to prevent and treat stage nerves  

Have you ever felt 

apprehensive, queasy, clammy before a live performance? 

Learn 3 simple yet powerful techniques to stop anxiety in its tracks so you can feel empowered, charged and inspired on stage! 

How to prepare effectively for a  performance

Are you sick of messing your performance up with mistakes, 

awkwardness, stiffness, a dry mouth, trembling fingers, mumbling, or stuttering? 

Learn how to prepare effectively for a performance so you can share your talent with no fear!

How to perform with authentic confidence

Do you secretly worry that you are not a good enough performer? Do you hold yourself back for fear of rejection and judgment?

Learn how to become resilient, unshakeable and present so that you can take your performances to the next level!

Special Bonuses

When you attend the Dare to be Seen Free Masterclass you'll also get:

Bonus 01 : Masterclass Worksheet

A worksheet that will guide you through the masterclass to ensure you get the most out of the teachings.

Bonus 02: Pre-Performance Ritual 

Learn two practical techniques that will help you defuse panic before and during a performance so you can perform at your best on stage. 

Bonus 03: Free Hypnosis Session

A deeply transformative hypnotic audio session to calm your body and mind so you can feel grounded and at ease while performing. 

It has been life changing!

I shall be eternally grateful to you for the results of the work that I did with you. My ‘nervousness’ is now of a ‘normal’ or comfortable level when I am teaching, it has been life-changing! Thank you, thank you. I also learned such an important, valuable life lesson from you on intentions and outcomes…I have passed this on to many people who have been very thankful too!

These are challenging times and all of your gifts are truly precious in supporting people.

Louise McCreadie Teacher

I thought your masterclass was brilliant

Just wanted to say that I thought your masterclass was brilliant yesterday. The content was excellent and your personality and humor shone through too. It has left me with a lot to think about. It was great that you used personal examples too and how you explained that our past experiences stick with us and shape how we feel about our performances in the present day.

Emma Boyd Performer


This is a must-attend if:

  • The #1 reason why you haven't performed live is because you are suffering from stage fright or stage nerves.
  • You DON'T YET feel 100% confident or authentic when performing in front of others. 
  • You've been trying to do something about your stage nerves since you can remember 
  • Despite feeling really uncomfortable before a performance you force yourself to do it but don't enjoy it and secretly feel like a fraud.
  • You'll walk away from this training with tools that make you feel in charge
  • You'll feeling like you're on top of the world and this is why you wanted to be a performer in the first place
  • but you are starting to think maybe it's you... you are not cut out for this sort of thing
  • and you are beginning to ask yourself: why do I do this to myself? maybe I should just get a normal job...

 Want help to overcome fear of public speaking?

Stage fright and performance anxiety do not just apply to 'performers'. Whenever you are in the spotlight you are being seen and heard and you may feel vulnerable or anxious. 

Whether you are a speaker, a presenter, a lecturer, a job candidate or a student wanting to do well at an exam, this masterclass will show how to stop panicking before your speech of presentation so you can deliver your message calmly and with authentic confidence. 

A Note from Elisa

"The best way to create the future you want is to change your present, now.  Dare to shine your own unique light onto the world. It needs it."

The current global crisis has dealt performing artists a tough card. However, you can choose to use this time to refine your artistry and prepare for a brighter future. 

A performance that speaks to the soul impacts lives in a way that cannot be fathomed and allows you to be the artist you've always wanted  - no matter what's going on in the world. 

If you're willing to invest just 60 minutes to get fully up to speed on the most powerful techniques that free you from the fear and anxiety that have been holding you back from really giving your best on stage (that is, stage fright) then I promise to reward your energy with only the latest and most effective strategies that will have you feel inspired  to express who you truly are as an artist  or speaker so you can capture your audience's full attention.

My goal for you? After this free masterclass you will never again say the words: "Maybe I don't have what it takes to be a good performer." Stick with me... I will help you make your performance dreams a reality. 

See you there! Elisa

Who am I? 

Elisa Di Napoli is the best-selling author of the book, online course, and podcast Dare to Be Seen which helps artists command the stage, magnify their presence, and defeat stage fright so they can share their gifts with their audience and shine their light on the world.

She is an artist coach, hypnotherapist, and multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter. She also helps artists who need to find a way forward, get their project going, or figure out how to turn their creative, artistic, or performance skills into a new venture.

Under the moniker is Elyssa Vulpes she has produced 12 albums, with a focus on inner transformation through sometimes dark and atmospheric sometimes comedic storytelling.

She has been featured on radio, podcasts, blogs, and online magazines. 

What's The Catch?

There's no catch - However I will include a discounted offer for my course at the end of this training. This is how I help you see results as quickly and simply as possible. BUT I will hold nothing back from this class, and there is no obligation to buy. This is a 100% free training. so if you want to learn my secrets, no strings attached, just click the button below: 

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