Learn how to lose weight fast the natural way - without dieting!

Diets do not work. So how to get rid of your extra pounds? In order for you to lose weight fast in a safe way you need to make important and permanent changes in your life. Two major factors contribute to weight loss:

  • eating small portions of healthy food
  • consuming more than you eat

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are your portions bigger than a fist size? How many  How many meals / snacks do you have per day?
  • Do you eat fatty or sugary foods?
  • Do you get 3 hours a week of low to medium intensity or 3 bursts of 20 seconds high intensity exercise once a day?
  • Do you use food for comfort? Do you feel you always have to finish all the food on your plate? Do you eat only when you genuinely hungry?
  • Do you find that despite your best intentions something is holding you back from making the changes necessary to achieve your goals?

 When you have a rough idea about what the answers to these questions might be you will be more equipped to decide what format suits you best.

Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Since when it comes to losing weight y that there is no one-way-fits-all method we offer a variety of options to suit your needs.

  • Individual weight Loss Hypnotherapy. If you find that you lack motivation, you don't know why you keep on eating the same unhealthy food , you find you "binge" eat despite your best intentions or you eat as a way to cope with stress or when bored etc , this individual-focus approach will probably be best for you. This method focuses on removing the subconscious blocks that stand in the way between you and your weight loss goal and the sessions will be specifically tailored to your needs. Most people experience results within 3 sessions.
  • Weight reduction Course -  4  week course including
  1. Hypnotherapy
  2.  NLP
  3.  Coaching
  4.  EMDR and EFT to eliminate cravings
  5.  Stomach shrinking technique
  6.  Information on why diets fail on what actually works

This course only runs at particular times of the year. Get in touch for further details. 

In addition to this find out what are the 5 most successful habits to lose weight.

If you are unsure what would suit you best you can come for a 1 hour consultation during which I will help you assess what method would be most effective in your particular situation. Got questions? Give me a call!

Book Your Free Discovery Call 

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