Stop Smoking Forever

woman smoking cigarette

Unlike most hypnotherapists who help people give up smoking by offering a single one-size-fits-all stop program session , my three step approach offers you a relapse guarantee whereby if you stop smoking after your second session but have a relapse within 1 year of your first consultation you will receive a relapse session from me for absolutely free.

While the one session method is often successful for people with uncomplicated relationships to smoking, Most people respond better to 2 or 3 sessions. This is because it is advisable to directly deal with the addiction problem at the source and remove eventual blockages to stopping before proceeding to the actual procedure for stopping smoking. The three step approach works as follows

  • 1st session : removal of blockages to stopping smoking
  • 2nd session: stop smoking
  • 3rd session (optional): cement results to avoid relapse

Requirements for success:

In order for this treatment to be successful you must want to give up smoking yourself (not your spouse or your doctor) and you must be honest about your reasons for wanting to give up.

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