• November 26, 2012
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    • What if I don’t know what I want?

      It is all well and good when we know what we want but what if we don’t? What then? Are we to just accept a directionless life, hoping to find our way in the dark with no help whatsoever? The simple answer is no. There are ways to help you figure out what you want and if you put a bit of effort into it you shall be rewarded with probably surprising and exciting answers.

      One way to approach this common problem is to ‘take time out’. Our inner, wiser voice is a subtle one and cannot be heard over the clamor of everyday life. An option would be to go on a four-day’ retreat’, somewhere you can be alone and away from all distractions or to simply take time off work and use this time to meditate alone.

      If at this point you find yourself saying to yourself “well I couldn’t possibly do that! I’m too busy! then perhaps it is time to ask yourself how much you value your own happiness; after all, If you do not change anything, nothing will ever change.

      Remember that timeout doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. You could just stay home or simply not go to work or stop doing the things you normally do just as if you were physically sick. Take a few mental health days off before you really need them.  Even if you do not go anywhere you can still use this quiet time to meditate or go see a hypnotherapist who can help you with the process.

      Let us then assume you have taken the time off. What now? First of all, make sure you avoid all media (yes, that includes your phone!) and be as silent and relaxed as possible.

      STEP 1

      On the first day of your retreat/ meditation/session with the hypnotherapist concentrate on the story of your entire life, from the first thing, you can remember to the present. Try to visualize this story as clearly as possible so you get a feel for it and remember to enjoy the process: this is not a time to judge yourself but rather to observe.

      STEP 2

      On the second day of your retreat/ meditation/hypnotherapy session tune in to the wiser part of yourself. This is the part of yourself that knows what is best for you. For some, this could be God / The Goddess / a guardian angel / your Higher self / Source Energy. Whatever you identify it with, this is the highest source of wisdom and love you can gain access to. Simply ask for its assistance. The following questions should be asked:

      • “What does my heart desire more than anything else?”
      • “In what way can I realize what I came here for?”
      • “How can I serve others in the most suitable way for me?’
      • “what path will allow my inner self to learn the most ?”
      • ‘What do I need to change in my life in order to get what I want, realize my life’s mission and learn the most?”
      • “What attitude and influences do I need to get rid of in order to accomplish this?’

      STEP 3

      On the third day/ meditation/session write down a statement about what you want to achieve before you die and then write down 10 steps necessary to get there. For help with this, you could research people that have ‘made it’ and model their behavior and attitudes.

      STEP 4

      On the fourth day visualize being showered in a white light of love and creative energy. Imagine the life force and the entire universe conspiring to make your dream come true, helping you manifest what you need, giving you all the loving support necessary for you to accomplish your goal and while welcoming this energy be grateful for all its gifts.

      Expect success and take your first step. Remember that every day you are getting closer to your goal! Get excited about it and imagine yourself already having achieved it. This will give you the emotional motivation to keep going in the face of adversity, should there be any. Remember, there is no failure until you quit!

      If you rather do this with the help of a qualified professional who will support you all the way through please call me today. The process can be sped up with the help of hypnosis because while you are in a trance you are more likely to be relaxed and in touch with your inner self.

      Call me today 075 44247800 or contact me via email for a no-obligation consultation.

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