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Written by Elisa Di Napoli / Updated on December 27, 2022  Reading Time minutes 

Be Yourself

Hello everyone and happy new year! To start the year right, I'm posting one tip per day based on the biggest challenges I've helped my clients solve in 2022. Right up to the 23rd of January. 

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My #1 Tip for today

is being FULLY AUTHENTICALLY YOURSELF! Sounds obvious, doesn't it? An overwhelming majority of us are challenged by trying to perform to a role or a persona that’s simply not us. We try REALLY HARD to be what we think others expect of us. 

Or wear a mask every day and feel like a fraud sometimes. Or are introverts trying to be extroverts? There are SO many situations and circumstances that become relevant. And hold us back from living our BEST LIVES. Ignoring this issue creates OVERWHELM and can be EXHAUSTING!

If you feel resistance to doing something, or are LONGING to live a different way, lean in! It's your INTUITION providing DIRECTION and CLARITY.

BEING exactly who you are, FEELS GOOD. There's no resistance, no mask. I've learned this over the years and it comes up at almost every client session or workshop I offer.

By the way, I'm a hard out recovering perfectionist, who historically pushed herself too hard. And HATES being on video! It's far from perfect, but it's good enough! And it's REAL!

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