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Written by Elisa Di Napoli / Updated on January 4, 2023  Reading Time minutes 

and breathe

Tip#13 for Today

One of our biggest challenges, especially during busy times, is remaining present, both with yourself and those that you love. 

Being in the room with someone and being present with them is not the same thing. To be present means to be genuinely engaged, connected, open, and listening to someone, without thinking about what you are going to say next or what you are doing after. 

It means making full eye contact and opening your heart to them, whether they are your child, your partner, your colleague, your client or your friend. 

When you do this, the other person feels you care and you can be the best version of yourself. If you are habitually rushing to get home to see your child or your partner before bed, it is important you arrive there feeling up to the task, so you are not feeling frazzled, rushed or frustrated with yourself or with your day. 

Take a little time out to decompress on the way home or take a breath before you walk in the door. Taking a minute to stand outside, take stock and prepare by setting the intention to be fully present before you step in is a great way to ensure you are letting go of what has been so you can be with what is now.

Maybe you are going into a big meeting and you know that running from one meeting to another without stopping is not the best way to be present and give your full. 

Take a moment to catch your breath and calm down in between meetings so you can give your best. 

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