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Written by Elisa Di Napoli / Updated on May 29, 2024  Reading Time minutes 


#14 Tip for today

Do you ever make a plan, start...then give up? Changing or starting new habits, processes, systems or even hobbies isn't easy. Consistency is the key. Keep taking actions and dont stop!

Starting and not maintaining new activities is super common. Just think about how often you make new year's resolutions, or set new goals, then procrastinate or give up. This is the number 14 challenge in the 23 biggest challenges my clients faced in 2023.

We've all done it, so how can we maintain momentum for ourselves, our teams and families when we need to? The number 14 tip for today may help!

Consistency requires motivation to succeed. A reason to continue and not give up. Maybe you call this your why, maybe you just embrace the knowledge that the consequences of not changing are too great to ignore.

Maintaining consistency requires self discipline, a plan, and regular repeated actions. I suggest scheduling in time specifically to achieve anything new that you'd like to achieve. And adding milestones to work towards and diary alerts to remind you.

Getting an accountability partner or coach may also help. Someone to keep you accountable to the deadlines you've agreed to. This can be a trusted colleague, your boss, partner or a friend who is also looking to start or maintain something new.

Motivation also requires encouragement, from yourself or others, and celebrating the small achievements that make up the big achievement. One at a time.

A lot of people think that you need to have motivation to get going but the truth is that acting will give you the momentum that will turn into motivation. So it is actually the other way round. (Did you know that motivation comes from the latin word that means 'to move'?) 

Finally, make sure you choose goals that actually excite you. You will not progress very far if you choose something that you don't really want to do! 

And remember that goals in themselves need to be informed by larger intentions. If you don't know what I mean check out my full blog post on this

If you've enjoyed today's tip, head over to my previous articles to review the previous 13 tips. Stay tuned for the final 8 tips taking us up to January 23rd! 

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