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Written by Elisa Di Napoli / Updated on January 4, 2023  Reading Time minutes 


#18 Tip for today

Today's tip is about not lugging an entire load of baggage from 2022 through into 2023. Put it down! An enormous challenge for many of my clients this year was the baggage that they brought with them from 2021, or even before.

Tip 18 in the 23 tips to start 23 better series is about learning to let go. Start by thinking about all the 'stuff' that you may be carrying around, especially if it's heavy, or it feels like it's holding you back from living in the moment.

Having a grievance against someone may well be fully justified, but carrying it around with us doesn't help us live freely. And to be frank, often, it doesn't bother or hurt the other person at all, but it will hurt you. If you struggle to let go of past hurts, you are the one who ends up suffering.

Learning to feel compassion for someone who has hurt you can be a long road, but a path worth treading. Most perpetrators have been mistreated themselves, and pass that right along to the person or people closest to them. Generational wounds can carry forwards in repeated patterns until we stop and decide to make some changes.

Sometimes, being able to forgive someone, to help yourself and those you love to leave the past behind, feels too hard. Forgiveness does not mean condoning, and it is not about the other but yourself. However, there are many terrible acts that can be committed. If you are not ready to forgive yet, at least try to stay neutral rather than angry. It will help you suffer less. 

If you've enjoyed today's tip, please check my blog for the previous tips in the 23 tips to start 23 better series.

If forgiveness is something you're struggling with, let's chat. Get in touch and we can line up a free 30 minute call to talk about how you feel, and what you'd like support to achieve.

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