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Written by Elisa Di Napoli / Updated on December 27, 2022  Reading Time minutes 

walk in nature

Tip#4 for Today

What’s your go-to strategy for overwhelm, anxiety or agitation? My 4th top tip is to make time to get outside. Even if you’re in the office, a ten-minute walk serves as a break and some moments to decompress. And just breathe.

Better still, plan in a nature walk once you get home, or before you head to work. This is a strategy that I use myself and encourage ALL my clients to do, too.

I plan in time to walk up the hill next to my coaching practice (which is also my home) to drink in the view and get some cardio in too! So good for mental and physical health!

There’s no better way to ground yourself, find clarity and perspective. And to remember, we are part of something much bigger than whatever circumstance or situation we are facing.

If you’ve enjoyed this post, check out tips 1-3 in this microblog series. We’re working towards starting 2023 feeling better than ever! 

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