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Written by Elisa Di Napoli / Updated on January 4, 2023  Reading Time minutes 


Tip#6 for Today

As the year begins again, there's so much to do, right? And all those expectations to be met or exceeded! It can feel hard not to focus on the ever growing to do list after the holidays. And easy to bitch and moan about it!

My sixth daily tip for January, to ease the overload, is to focus on expressing more gratitude and appreciation.

Say it, don't just think it! This is a hugely common theme for many people. They think their partner/colleague/boss/child will just magically know they are appreciated! As a life coach, I can tell you we all need to hear it more!!!

Focus on what you have, rather than whining about what you don't. Fostering an attitude of acceptance of what is, and literally counting your blessings, is a great antidote to overwhelm!

Here are some more practical tips I use at this time of year - and share with clients too. As a therapist and coach and a musician running two businesses and having recently moved overseas, it can feel like there's a lot of pressure to make this year is better - every year!

I've learned to set expectations about what I can achieve quite a way ahead, even agreeing about any holidays months ahead. Planning and sharing with your special people is the what needs to happen here! And having a contingency fund for special times.

Focussing on the gift of spending time alone and enjoying slowing down is a great way to reconnect with yourself. Experiencing gratitude for this moment and just being happy to relax in the now is not always easy, but worth it. It helps us gain more resilience and manage our stress responses better.

If you're enjoying these tips, please check my blog for tips 1-5 and subscribe for more - right up to January 22nd. So we can all start 2023 better!

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