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Written by Elisa Di Napoli / Updated on January 4, 2023  Reading Time minutes 

Saying no

Tip#8 for Today

Feeling unappreciated or undervalued leads to resentment. This is one of the big challenges that face us in our relationships at work, at home and even with ourselves. Yes, you do need to appreciate yourself!

Managing resentment better is the focus daily tip number 8 in our 23 tips to start 23 better series.

If you like to help others, you tend to be a giver. Sometimes it can feel like we are being taken advantage of because we give so much to others. But we also give our permission if we don't speak up when our boundaries are not being respected.

So the first tip today is to say no more often! Especially when you feel that you're overloaded already and that the juggle has become a struggle. This will reduce the number of plates you're spinning and help you prioritise.

Leading neatly on, prioritising your needs, above everyone else, can feel hard. Especially if you have people who rely on you. This could be children, a partner, elderly or sick relatives, your team or colleagues. You don't need to get to a point of burnout and not be able to help anyone - before you evaluate how you are doing. And take actions accordingly - like saying no, prioritising and taking breaks when you need them.

Resentment makes us angry, and being angry and resentful makes us sick. So speaking up before you get to the point of no return, it essential. Especially at this time of year. No one wants a resentful parent, partner, or child in their life.

Finally, remember to appreciate yourself and all you do. Treasure your own special talents and the traits that make you unique. This is good for the soul and self-esteem but also helps your inner critic calm down.

If you've enjoyed this tip, please check out my activity feed for the other tips so far in the 23 tips to start 23 better series. Helping us help ourselves each other to feel better!

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