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Written by Elisa Di Napoli / Updated on May 29, 2024  Reading Time minutes 

bored unmotivated

Tip#9 for Today

Bored?? Unmotivated? Is your life running on repeat?

When was the last time you did something new? Anything?!

Comfort zones become suffocating pretty fast if we don’t expand them. This is a challenge for many people who come to see me looking for ways to reinvigorate their lives. Be that at work, in their relationships, or personally.

The number 9 tip in our series of 23 tips to start 23 better is to shake up your routine, do something new!!

Same repertoire of things to do, favourite meals on repeat, same route to work, same conversations? None of this is inspiring. Comfortable but not inspiring.

I made a promise to myself a years ago when I began a new life in New Zealand, that I’d never settle for feeling unmotivated and bored again.

I decided to commit to doing one new thing, every week. Cook something new, find new places to visit and explore, talk to new people, learn a new piece of music.

I encourage the clients I meet to shake up their routines (hard as most of us are full on recovering perfectionists!). To try new things to help them feel more excited about life.

Ask yourself, what do I love that I never do anymore? Doing a sailing course is my new activity of the year.

Find joy in the novelty of new situations, new learnings and unexpected blessings. Spontaneity is a marvellous resource in life! Seems covid has made that harder but let’s try!

If you’ve enjoyed this post please check my feed for the previous 8 tips for starting 23 better together! Please comment below with one new thing you’ve tried and loved in the last week. Or start something now and let me know what you love most! 

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