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What people are saying about this masterclass...

I thought your masterclass was brilliant

Just wanted to say that I thought your masterclass was brilliant yesterday. The content was excellent and your personality and humor shone through too. It has left me with a lot to think about. It was great that you used personal examples too and how you explained that our past experiences stick with us and shape how we feel about our performances in the present day.

Emma Boyd Performer

It has been life changing!

I shall be eternally grateful to you for the results of the work that I did with you. My ‘nervousness’ is now of a ‘normal’ or comfortable level when I am teaching, it has been life-changing! Thank you, thank you. I also learned such an important, valuable life lesson from you on intentions and outcomes…I have passed this on to many people who have been very thankful too!

These are challenging times and all of your gifts are truly precious in supporting people.

Louise McCreadie Teacher
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