• April 21, 2020
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      • Common sleep issues
      • 5 Hints for calmer and better sleep
      • Download your Free "A Great Night Sleep" Hypnotic Audio mp3 

      A Great Night Sleep

      Fix sleep issues with this 20 min hypnotic audio

      Fixing Sleep Issues with the Power of Hypnosis

      Have you been waking at 3am every night? Have you been having trouble sleeping even if just a month ago that would have been unthinkable? Are you waking up at the same time every night and then find it hard to get back to sleep? You are not alone. A lot of us are currently having trouble sleeping. So why is this happening? And most importantly how do you get back to sleep?

       The current pandemic has certainly changed the we live our everyday lives. One of the way in which it has affecting us is that it has changed our daily routines, and this this has impacted our quality of sleep: sleep becomes more elusive when we are anxious.

      Many people are suffering sleep issues for the first time in their lives, others are having their sleep issues exacerbated by the current crisis. Here are some common sleep issues that you may be experiencing:

      Common Sleep Issues

      • awake for long periods
      • unable to fall asleep at all
      • wake up several times during the night  
      • more intense and emotional dreams
      • tired and groggy the next morning
      • find it difficult to concentrate or function properly
      • feel irritable

      You may have tried sleeping pills or relaxing tea. You may have already reduced blue light from screens, refrained from drinking tea or coffee at least 3 hours before bed, and although these are good ideas you may still be having trouble falling asleep or having trouble sleep through the night. If you find yourself waking up every 2 hours or perhaps you are waking up with anxiety in the middle of the night most likely you are noticing mounting stress in your life, which will be made worse by lack of sleep.  

      In order for you to have a good night sleep you need to have a good sleep strategy. This is like a good recipe. If you want to cook a cake you need the right ingredients, put in the right order at the right time. So the first port of call is to have a good recipe for sleep. This should include essential sleep stratagems that cab help you sleep well as well as limit the negative effects of poor sleep. 

      A Great Night Sleep

      Fix sleep issues with this 20 min hypnotic audio

      Try these FIVE hints for calmer and better sleep


      Limit news intake and avoid your mobiles and tablets for at least an hour before bed

      Do something to boost your mood and switch off your overactive brain before bed - a humorous book ,  an uplifting podcast or a very boring manual can help you sleep. Try to avoid screens though or use apps like flux which can reduce glare from screens. Avoid watching upsetting movies right before bed! 


      Have structure to your day

      Our brains and bodies love structure. Wake, exercise, eat and sleep at similar times each day. Make sure you do get out of the house for at least one hour if you can. Sunlight does affect our circadian rhythms and our vitamin D intake. Make sure you do not exercise late at night though as that can influence melatonin levels. 


      Stop 'trying' to sleep

      The harder you try to sleep the more you interfere with the natural process of allowing sleep to come to you. Sleep is not something you do. Imagine sleep is a welcome guest that will come when it's ready. Even if you are waking up at 4am don't panic. Focus on resting rather than sleeping. Follow your breathing by silently whispering the words ‘calm’ and ‘release’ to induce sleep. And tell yourself that even if you cannot sleep it's ok, you will cope and survive. This will stop you thinking this is a catastrophe , which in itself stops you from sleeping. 


      Learn to relax

      Relaxation can switch off the stress response, physically and mentally. Find something that works for you - mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, self hypnosis, gentle movement, reading a book or a long hot bath.


      If you can’t sleep - get out of bed

      Your bed should not be a battleground. If you cannot sleep for more than an hour get out of bed. However, do not switch on bright lights , play with your phone, watch videos or snack. You don't want to reward your brain for keeping you awake. Instead do something boring like folding laundry, reading a book you don't like, or sorting out accounting (unless you love accounting!)

      Want a quick and easy way to fall back asleep?

      Hypnosis can help many forms of sleep issues and insomnia.

      If you are not sleeping well, and traditional treatments are not working, hypnosis may be able to help you sleep the way you deserve.

      It uses different approaches to induce relaxation, such as focused attention, symptom control and guided imagery.

      And, unlike sleep medications, it has no side effects, so it can be an aid for those who can’t or don’t want to take sleeping pills.

      It can help overcome bedtime restlessness - ease the worry, tension and anxiety that prevent sleep - and can show the way to the deep, restorative sleep that we all need.

      To get started, download this complimentary hypnosis recording. And take the first steps on the road to better sleep!

      Sleep Hypnosis

      Fix sleep issues with this 20 min hypnotic audio


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