• August 14, 2013
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    • What do you believe in?

      Your beliefs shape your life.

      Are your beliefs serving your best interest?

      This is what I happen to believe. Read through if you like, and compose your own list.

      I believe in giving people a fair chance.

      I believe in taking responsibility for my well-being.I believe in being honest and true to myself.

      I believe that the most difficult, painful and challenging experiences life throws at us can end up being
      the most enlightening rewarding and meaningful.

      I believe that being different although not easy is something to celebrate as a blessing.I believe in the power of laughter to help us lift us from tragedy.

      I believe that an enormous amount of wealth lies in reading and learning. I believe sometimes the best thing you can do is switch off and have a good night sleep. In the morning new solutions and insight may come.

      I believe in learning to let go of the need to always having to “do something”.

      I believe that most problems come from tension and not giving ourselves permission to relax.

      I believe that believing in myself is the best investment I could ever make.

      I believe that there is no such thing as failure, only feedback. No success is ever possible without making mistakes. What’s important is to listen to the feedback.

      I believe genius is not something we are born with but something we make with practice, dedication and determination.

      I believe that not letting people get to me is sometimes hard but essential.

      I believe in learning to let go of whatever is bothering me by first expressing my feelings and then examining my thoughts and gaining perspective.

      I believe in not paying too much attention to those who do not have other people’s best interest at heart. To do so would impair my faith in humanity.

      I believe in choosing to listen to the part of myself that encourages me and not to the part of me that wants to put me down.

      I believe in expecting the best and accepting the rest.

      I believe there is nothing wrong with people who do not like me. The fact they don’t tell me more about them than it does about me. They might have something to teach me, or they might have something to learn. You cannot please everyone all the time…

      I believe in allowing myself to like what I like without shame. I believe in not denying myself the things I feel attracted to, no matter what others may think of me as a result.

      I believe in making time for fresh air, social interaction and being creative.

      I believe in self-reflection as a path to self-healing.

      I believe that focusing on things we are grateful for is the key to happiness.

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